Quotebook: Kansas State

Iowa State will begin Big 12 action early with the arrival of Kansas State to Jack Trice Stadium this week. K-State coach Bill Snyder shared his thoughts on the Cyclones in his presser

The season may have just reached the second week, but Big 12 foe Kansas State will arrive at Jack Trice Stadium this weekend to begin conference play early.

K-State coach Bill Snyder delved into Iowa State, rivalries and more during the weekly Big 12 teleconference.

After watching them on film, what do you anticipate having to prepare for the Cyclones this week?

Who knows this early in the season. There’s a lot of offense that they have that you haven’t seen. You have to go back and look over the years to try to accumulate possibilities. There’s quite a bit out there, I think. [Quarterback Sam] Richardson is a guy that can do a lot of things. He can throw it, he can run it, and that, obviously, is a threat to anyone and a concern.

I like the running back, in fact, both of them. [Aaron] Wimberly is a returning starter, but he shows up well. He’s got good quickness, good change-of-direction. He’s a guy that can make you miss and that’s always a concern. When they get the receivers back they have a good core of receivers. Just the fact that you look at every [offensive] position is returning a starter. You’ve got a bunch of guys with a lot of experience. Maybe they didn’t get off to the start that they’d hoped for, but you know that they’re going to get better.

Is there any potential for the Iowa State game maybe having more on the line than it has in the past [with a rivalry]?

I think just the idea that it’s a conference game has far more meaning than you may have awareness to. As far as a rivalry is concerned, I don’t know. It hasn’t developed that way in my eyes, I don’t think so. Again, for us, maybe our approach is a little bit different. Everything is a rivalry for us. I think most programs are that way. Whoever is next on the schedule is the major opponent of all-time. That’s the nature of the game because they all become so significant.

How did [quarterback] Jake [Waters] grade out?

He was OK. It wasn’t the best performance of his career and certainly not the worst. I thought he did well and managed the ballgame well. There’s some things he’d like to have back. That’s the value of having the opportunity to actually get on the field and see where you are and what you have to improve upon. He sees a number of things to improve upon. He’s a young guy that will invest himself. Overall, not as well as you’d like.

Do you like the idea of playing Iowa State the second week of the season or do you prefer to have conference games start later on?

Well, normally you’d prefer for them to start later on, that would be my feeling. Ask me probably about 4 in the afternoon Saturday and I’ll have a better answer for you one way or the other. You’d like to have the opportunity in earlier ballgames to get [something] from all of your players, to have a chance to get your No. 2s on the field and they can experience game day in a competitive manner before we get into conference play.

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