Nerness Focused on Speed, Technique

Settled in after transferring to Southlake Christian Academy in North Carolina to play his senior season, 2015 commit Seth Nerness is working on both his speed and technique

Seth Nerness relies on his speed to power past offensive linemen, but the 2015 defensive end commit knows there is still work to be done.

Nerness, a three-star who transferred to Southlake Christian Academy in Huntersville, North Carolina, from Murray (IA) Community High to play 11-man football, has two focus points as his senior season progresses.

“Technique and just playing faster. I have to get a lot faster,” Nerness told “The thing I really need to do a lot of is I need to use my hands more. I use a lot of natural talent and athletic ability to get past guys — a lot of times I’ll simply out-run them and move too fast for them. I’m not going to be able to do that, so I’ve got to learn to use technique more.”

Nerness has said that his move to North Carolina was about more than just football. The change provided a good opportunity to attend a Christian school with Biblical orientation.

That move from Iowa to North Carolina hasn’t altered Nerness’ commitment, and Iowa State has still kept tabs on the defensive end just the same. The Cyclones had coach Stan Eggen in attendance at Nerness’ game Friday, using one of their 42 evaluation days to check in on him.

“That just shows how committed they are,” Nerness said. “I mean, Huntersville, North Carolina, and Ames aren’t just right down the road. For them to take the time from their other prospects’ games that they could go to on a Friday night and then to make that trip all the way down here to come watch me play, that’s special. That shows that they care, that they’re really truly interested and that they’re generally good people.”

Entering Friday’s game, Nerness has totaled 30 tackles (15 for losses), six sacks and two fumble recoveries. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Nerness has played some on offense — a few times on the offensive line and a few others at tight end — but has been mostly situated on the defensive line.

There, he is getting work at three-technique as Southlake uses three down lineman.

“I don’t have a problem with it,” Nerness said. “As far as helping me, it helps me take on two guys more — get through my first one, get through my second.”

Nerness plans to be in attendance for Iowa State’s game against Toledo on Oct. 11 after spending some time earlier in the week back in Iowa. That trip, he said, will be unofficial, and an official visit day is still pending.

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