Quotebook: Baylor

No. 7 Baylor will arrive in Ames this weekend for a nighttime matchup with Iowa State. Baylor coach Art Briles looked ahead during Monday's Big 12 teleconference

Where is this [Baylor] team now that conference play in here?

Right where we feel we need to be. We knew we had three games in 13 days and that was going to be a tough chore, without question, as far as preparation and keeping our guys fresh and keeping our guys healthy. We managed to do that, we went 3-0, we got a week off. Now we’ve got a four-week stretch before we have another open day. Now we’ve just got to take it one game at a time from here on.

How much will a week off help Bryce Petty and what did you do with the week off to kind of make sure he's fully healthy?

He was healthy going into Buffalo, 100 percent. It was an injury to where, if he could handle the pain, he could play, and Bryce is extremely tough. He was ready to go. There wasn’t any risk of any further injury. It’s just been back to business with him, now we’re just getting set and ready to roll and make a run here.

When did you first start thinking outside the box and start doing different things [with your offense]?

I don’t know if we do different things, quite honestly. We just kind of do what we do. We’ve always tried to be a little different schematically just forever. I’m talking about all the way back in the early ’80. It’s just kind of what we do and we’ve always tried to kind of progress and change as we’ve gone along, which we continue to do today.

Are you going to reference at all [with your team] what Iowa State’s been able to do in the past particularly when they knocked off that Oklahoma State team a couple of years ago?

There’s never a walk in the park, not in this business. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach [Paul] Rhoads and Wally [Burnham] and all of their staff and their football team. Those guys are good now. You look at what happened in the K-State game, you look at going to Iowa and beating Iowa.

Referencing anything before that is out the window. We’re just looking at 2014 and that’s all we ever consider. We know it’s going to be a dogfight, we know it’s going to be an atmosphere there conducive to a lot of energy for both teams and we’ve got to go up there and we’ve got to prove ourselves.

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