Magloire Still Garnering Interest

JUCO safety Paul Magloire is committed to Arizona, but still hears interest from other schools including Iowa State

When Arizona Western’s Paul Magloire committed to Arizona in May, the JUCO safety thought the recruiting would begin to taper off.

Instead, things have only picked up. Iowa State offered shortly after Magloire committed to Arizona and has remained in contact with him along with an array of other schools. In addition to Iowa State, both Texas and Oklahoma State had coaches at Arizona Western during the weekend to watch Magloire.

The increase in mail and phone calls hasn’t altered Magloire’s commitment, however.

“I felt locked in pretty much from the jump once I made the decision. I’ve always been 100 percent,” Magloire said. “I thought schools would let off on recruiting me, but it kind of picked up even more. I’m listening to what everyone has to say, what they say they have planned for me. You don’t know who can be where [and] when. I definitely listen to what everyone has to say, but I’m 100 percent committed to Arizona.”

When schools do call, Magloire said, they don’t ask about his Arizona commitment. They talk to him about his season and their seasons. The 6-foot-2, 185-pound Magloire redshirted at Appalachian State in 2012 where he was set to be a running back before transferring to Arizona Western in 2013.

He’s taken strides as a safety since then, which has peaked the interest of other schools looking at Magloire.

“I’ve gotten better tackling throughout the season,” Magloire said. “I think it was Game 3, that’s when my coverage skills started getting good. I had two [interceptions] in one game. This last game everything started coming together. I’m definitely starting to put it all together.”

Magloire will make an official visit to Arizona when it hosts Arizona State on Nov. 28, but presently doesn't have any other visits planned.

“The window is kind of tight for that because we have playoffs and stuff like that," Magloire said. "[Iowa State defensive coordinator Wally] Burnham and Coach [Paul] Rhoads, they’ve been with me from the [start], they haven’t just jumped on the bandwagon like a lot of other schools. They just kind of want me to take a visit.”

The hope, per a source, is to get Magloire on campus when Iowa State plays Texas Tech on Nov. 22. While Magloire isn’t seeking out visits aside from the school he is committed to, Iowa State could be an exception.

“If the window is there and there’s a time to, that’s probably the school that I would take a visit to,” Magloire said. “As of right now, the window I do have a visit to is Arizona and that visit is scheduled. If there is a window, then it’s possible for sure.”

Magloire, who will be a mid-year transfer, said flipping his commitment would take some work.

“There’s a lot [that needs to happen],” Magloire said. “Arizona has done a lot to make sure I’m committed and stay committed. I feel like there’s a lot that has to be done.”

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