VIDEO: Coordinators Look At Baylor

As Iowa State's matchup with Baylor draws closer, Iowa State offensive coordinator Mark Mangino and defensive coordinator Wally Burnham take a look at the Bears

The best way Iowa State coaches have found to describe Baylor is 'unique.' The Bears tout the top offense in the nation, and their defense isn't far behind.

What are coaches seeing on film?

"They’re making plays," offensive coordinator Mark Mangino said. "They’re kind of an up-tempo defense. They’re like their offense, at the snap of the ball they go hard and they play hard."

"They try to get you in situations where you don’t have enough to play the run. And then if you have enough to play the run, then you don’t have enough to play the pass," defensive coordinator Wally Burnham said. "A lot of play-action passes, a lot of runs with five in the box, a lot of passes with six in the box. They have a counter every time."

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