Cedar Falls Lineman Visits Iowa State

2016 offensive line prospect Spencer Williams made his first trip to Iowa State on Saturday as recruitment picks up for the Cedar Falls native

The recruiting has begun to pick up for Cedar Falls offensive lineman Spencer Williams as he progresses through his junior season.

Williams, at 6-foot-3 and 270 pounds, has received letters and interest from Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa State, Northwestern and Northern Iowa. The Cedar Falls native arrived in Ames for the first time Saturday.

“[Recruiting has] picked up, for sure, throughout my junior season,” Williams told AllCyclones.com. “Before I wasn’t really hearing anything and it started out with generic letters. It’s still generic letters, but now I’m starting to get invites to visit.”

Iowa State invited Williams, a 2016 prospect, to visit for homecoming. Prior to the Cyclones’ 37-30 homecoming win over Toledo, Williams had an opportunity to talk with both Mitchell Moore and Todd Sturdy on the field.

“Coach Moore came up to me and I talked to him for a good five minutes,” Williams said. “He just told me he watched my film and he said he thought I was playing well. He asked me how I think I’ve been doing this year and how I think I did Friday night. We just had a good talk about how football is going.

“I also talked to Coach Sturdy. It was really great to meet him and he said we’d keep in touch and he said he’s been watching my film and likes what he saw.”

Williams liked what he saw in his first visit to Iowa State.

“I thought their facilities were amazing. They were really top-notch,” Williams said. “I noticed a lot of energy on the sideline at all times and I liked to see that. The coaches, they really make you feel comfortable there. They come up to you, they talk to you and it’s just good to know that the coaches care.”

Williams camped at Iowa State, Iowa, Northern Iowa and Wisconsin during the summer and earned MVP honors at a regional camp in Michigan. After visiting Northwestern last weekend and Iowa State this weekend, Northern Iowa could be next. The hometown Panthers have recently checked in to invite Williams for a visit.

With another year at Cedar Falls, Williams is currently taking his recruitment in stride and is hoping to continue to draw increased interest.

“I really liked what I saw at Iowa State and hopefully I’ll hear from them a little more,” Williams said. “I send emails out a lot and I tweet out my highlights to coaches and scouts and stuff. I just try to get as many opportunities as I can, and I’m not really focusing on one school. I’m kind of open right now.”

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