Quotebook: Texas

Texas coach Charlie Strong talked about his team and looked ahead to Iowa State during the Big 12 teleconference

On the progress of the team and their current attitude

After the way we played against Oklahoma, I think our attitude is in good shape right now. What we’re looking to do each and every week is to get better and to improve. Now we know we have some good players on defense. We’ve gotten better and better. Against Oklahoma State we had a great defense and offensively when the quarterback plays well, the whole offense plays well. In that game, [QB] Tyrone [Swoopes] played very well. We just needed to get him to compete. I just love how each week we’re getting better and better and that’s what we need to do.

On the play of quarterback Tyrone Swoopes

He’s getting comfortable. It’s just the way our offense is based structurally around him. Tyrone is making the throws that need to be made. But it has to be where he has it, because going back to the Baylor game, he wasn’t as consistent as he was in the Oklahoma game. And so everything with him is on his preparation and his focus. He just takes control and just demands every player around him plays better.

On Iowa State

They are coming off a big win over Toledo. I love the quarterback, just the way he reaches and how well he competes. When you’re looking at it, he had 351 yards passing last weekend. It’s just amazing how their offense is sailing like with Tyrone, how it’s all structured around the quarterback. Their wide receiver, [Jarvis] West, is a good player. I know he had a punt return earlier in the season. He didn’t play against Toledo, but I’m thinking he’ll be back against us.

On defense, [Jevohn] Miller is averaging over ten tackles a game; he’s a really solid player there in the middle. Special teams-wise, their field goal kicker is 7 out of 7, he’s hit every last one in a row. It’s a solid football team, very well balanced. Paul’s done a great job and as much as anybody out of that team.

On how the coaches are approaching the rest of the season

I just go game to game instead of focusing on the year. It’s such a tough year. You look at it and each and every week we’ve dealt with it different. With our offensive line going into the first game, you’ve got everyone doing their best and they go down, and now with the QB as Tyrone. So it’s more of just each and every week we try to evaluate and adjust to get through the season. We always talk about our weakness, and also what we have to do better every game. But overall we just talk about this is what we have to get accomplished.

On how this year is different

Oh it really is, you’re looking down the middle and always talking about you have to be really good down the middle. As a football team, one week you lose something, and the next week you lose something else. Like we said each week is different, and next week it’s all defense. We’ve been playing really well on defense and we’ve got a young quarterback in there. Everything just has to be balanced and that’s just the way we need to be right now.

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