Quotebook: Oklahoma

As No. 19 Oklahoma prepares to travel to Ames on Saturday, coach Bob Stoops looked ahead to Iowa State during his Big 12 teleconference

On the off-week and not playing after a loss

It doesn’t matter; we know what the schedule is a year in advance. You can’t do anything about it, so you manage it the best that you can.

On the player’s response

They practiced well last week, so I think they’ve responded well.

On kicker Michael Hunnicutt after his misses

Well, you get your arm around him and talk to him, and make sure he goes back to his fundamentals. But he is a strong, young guy that’s played a lot of ball. You know he came out and played Tuesday like I’ve never seen him before, he was just bombing it, hitting it perfect. So, you know, it happened, but I have confidence that he’ll come back and make them for us.

On playing Iowa State this weekend

They’re a good team that really plays hard. Just watching their game this morning against Texas, it was an interesting game, back and forth. 48-45, and they kicked the field goal there in the last second and Texas took the win. They play really hard; offensively they move the football really well and make a lot of big plays. They’re defensively really sound, they always are. They’re always ready to give you some pressure, one way or the other. They’re a good team, certainly better than what their record is when you look at some of the tight games that they’ve lost.

On whether he thinks it’ll be a close game

You never go in imagining that, you just go in ready to play and ready to do the very best you can. So you just don’t think about anything like that.

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