Quotebook: Kansas

Iowa State and Kansas will both enter Saturday's game searching for an elusive Big 12 victory. Kansas interim coach Clint Bowen talked about the matchup on the Big 12 teleconference

On this weekend’s game being a ‘must win’

I don’t want to treat any game any different than the other. As far as 'must wins,' I think every one of them you go out and you treat it like a must-win game. It’s the next game on the schedule and it’s Iowa State — that’s who we’re playing. For our kids it’s important that they understand that every second of every day counts toward your preparation for the upcoming game. It’s a mindset of you’re always preparing for Saturday and getting ready to play a game.

Playing these guys is no different than playing last week, playing Oklahoma, in the future playing Kansas State. It’s the next game and you do everything in your power to prepare yourself to play that game. It’s important that our kids understand that it’s a process, and that they’re aware that that’s the way we operate in everything that we do.

On if the team is going in the right direction

Oh definitely, these last few weeks it’s so different now than how it was a few weeks ago, from the way we started. From how we carry ourselves, to the way we practice, to the way we do everything. The mindset of our players is completely different; the culture of this team is headed in a positive direction.

On the change in offensive coordinators before Baylor

One, John was doing both the line and coordinating. It was no secret that we struggled at the offensive line. In terms of how we’ve been doing in our run game, that was what we needed. We just wanted to mold our identity on offense to something Eric was a little more familiar with, for the run pass, the conflict stuff that has taken over college football. He has the experience doing it and we felt we just needed a spark on that side of the ball, and needed John more on the O-line, and they’re still working close together, John wasn’t kicked to the curb or anything like that. Those two are working together and we’ve started a little different mindset on seeing the calls and for a spark.

On what that change meant for the team

What it did was allow us to change the mentality of how we practiced offensively, a way to approach practice, a different tempo of going about it. The first game against Baylor, their front forward beat us up pretty good, it was truly hard to evaluate where that could go from being dominated on the offensive line. All in all, the mechanics of it, the way he operated all of it with a week of the change, it was a positive for our program.

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