Moody Remains Suspended From Team

Iowa State senior guard Nikki Moody remains suspended indefinitely from the team and will meet with ISU coach Bill Fennelly this week to discuss her future

Nikki Moody was not in uniform nor was she anywhere to be seen at Hilton Coliseum on Tuesday night as Iowa State kicked off its season with an exhibition game against William Penn.

The senior point guard, who was suspended indefinitely on Friday for a violation of team rules, is expected to meet with coach Bill Fennelly as soon as Thursday to discuss her future with the team.

"It'll be up to her to be quite honest with you, whether or not she sees herself doing the kinds of things that she needs to do to be a member of this team and be a great teammate and be coachable," Fennelly said. "I'll know when she's ready."

Moody started 30 of 31 games last season for Iowa State, averaging 12.5 points per game, the second-best mark on the team. She was replaced in the lineup by Kidd Blaskowsky in Monday's 99-53 exhibition win against William Penn while sophomore Jadda Buckley assumed the point guard duties in her place.

"I don't know how long she'll be out, I really don't," Fennelly said. "I'm not trying to skirt the question, I really don't know. Until I have the meeting with her and the staff, it's hard to judge where we're going to go, but as soon as we have that meeting and we come to some kind of agreement or whatever term you want to use, I can tell you exactly what the plan will be."

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