Quotebook: Kansas Aftermath

Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads reflected on his team's loss to Kansas and looked ahead on Monday during the Big 12 teleconference

On how close Iowa State was to playing Joel Lanning on Saturday

Joel threw just in case when we thought it might be smart to get him some reps, get him some experience. But we were never at a position to say, ‘Put him in the next series.’

On Sam Richardson's health

I believe Sam is going to be back versus Texas Tech. I saw him in the training room this morning and he was in good spirits and got good movement. The trainers feel he’ll be throwing full speed six days from now, Sunday of game week. I’m hoping Sam is healthy and remains healthy for the last three games.

On what the team can improve on after seeing film

Tackling, angles, wrapping up around their feet and finishing, getting off blocks, getting aligned at a faster pace, defending the deep ball, man coverage, protecting our quarterback and giving him ample time to throw, hard route running, finishing plays on both sides of the ball. There’s a short list for you.

On how the loss of Jevohn Miller played a role in the lacking defense

I think [playing without Jevohn] is a big factor. When I bring up the fact of getting our guys aligned fast, that’s that position. Jevohn was at a point, finally, where he was very comfortable with that. Kane [Seeley] has got to, No. 1, just compete himself and take care of his job, but he’s also got the responsibility of setting up 10 others along with him. That’s a tough burden for a guy that’s probably not ready to be accomplishing that.

On what he told the team Sunday

Didn’t practice yesterday. We just met and watched the film and lifted weights yesterday to work the kinks out. We’ll practice tomorrow for the first time. Covered a lot of things in the meeting that I’ll keep to the team.

On the challenge of having a bye week after the loss

That’s the challenge and we’ll find out, certainly, Saturday against Texas Tech, our next opportunity. It was clearly a game that I described accurately, the first half being our worst half of football that we’ve played since I’ve been the head football coach here. I’m embarrassed by that, ashamed by that.

We have, in my opinion, come off our last two open dates arguably against the two most talented football teams we’ve played thus far in Baylor and Oklahoma and not performed well. Part of that is in large part because of the opponent and part of that is what we’re talking about as a staff right now. We’re diligently working to find some answers for open week preparation. How we can motivate them, how we can prepare them and coach them up and get them to play their tails off against the Red Raiders.

We’re having a great staff meeting right now, we’re talking about the kids and we’re talking about motivation, we’re getting analytical on some things and it’ll produce positive results because of it. Tomorrow as a competitor, I get to compete, meaning I get to teach, I get to coach, I get to work with kids.

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