Quotebook: Texas Tech

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury talked about his quarterbacks and looked ahead to Iowa State in his Monday news conference

The reason for Pat Mahomes to start on Saturday was that primarily because Davis Webb’s ankle isn't healing?

More Davis not being as mobile as I thought he'd need to be against that pass rush and that defensive line [of Oklahoma]. He hasn't been 100 percent since that high ankle sprain. It's really affected his mobility, and that was the main reasoning to get Pat out there. I knew he could move around a little bit better and escape and make some plays.

So if Davis is 100 percent even if he doesn't practice, do you plan to start him Saturday?

We'll see how the week goes. I won't name a starter until kickoff.

What is the message over the last two weeks knowing the season is done? After that point, what are you looking for from a coaching staff's standpoint?

Continue to improve. I thought effort was great this last week. Had a lot to play for, had senior night, fighting to stay alive for a bowl. Obviously, we can't make a bowl any longer, but for these seniors, the rest of us owe it to them to step our game up these last two weeks.

We're going to get Iowa State's best shot. We better continue to improve or else it won't be pretty these last two weeks.

You touched on it a little bit, but just talk about the challenge of going into Ames against a hungry football team looking for a win as well in some tough conditions?

Yeah, it will be tough. That's a tough place to play. It will be colder than we're probably used to playing in, and it will be a big game for their seniors and their crowd. We know that. So we better get up for it, and it will be a good challenge for our team to see what type of character and what type of heart we have.

You guys will be playing another mobile quarterback. What do you think you need to do to fare a little better this week?

That's a great question. We haven't done a great job of slowing many people down in any phase. So he's a guy who you look at a couple of those games against Kansas State, Texas played unbelievably well, and is much improved from last year. I'm sure, in watching the film, they'll use him and run him a bunch, so we better try to have a different answer than we did last week.

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