Quotebook: West Virginia

West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen addressed his QB situation and whether his team is pressing as the Mountaineers ready for Iowa State on Saturday

I was wondering if you could evaluate your quarterback situation as it stands right now?

We gave the guys the weekend off, Saturday and Sunday. There [was] practice [Monday], and then obviously continue throughout the week. Gotta wait to see how Clint [Trickett] is doing once he gets in here. We will go from there.

What is the downside of giving Skyler [Howard] a second look? Is there a downside to turning the reins over to him now right now?

We do have a starting quarterback. I think that Clint has done a good job for the majority of the year. [He] didn’t have his best game on this past Thursday and I know that he was disappointed about that, but he has been our starting quarterback and played at a high level and has done lots of great things.

We appreciate all of the things that he has been able to do for us. I’m not in the business of just replacing people because of a bad game or because of an average performance. I was very happy for how Skyler went in there and played. He sparked us and had 300-plus yards and 17 points in a quarter and a half. There is no disputing that. With that said, you need to treat your starting quarterback a little different than the rest of the people.

Are there any concerns your team will start pressing, and how do you guard against that?

I don’t think so at all. We’re disappointed we didn’t win and it's been three losses in a row, but the one thing is effort has never been the problem. Our guys play excited in the third and fourth quarters. Our guys played with effort. We didn’t quit and we aren’t going to quit. This team likes to play ball and likes to compete and they will continue to do it for the rest of the year.

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