Quotebook: TCU

TCU coach Gary Patterson talked during the Big 12 teleconference about playing Iowa State with his eye on the College Football Playoff

How do you think it will be playing a team that has nothing to lose?

I think Texas is a really good defense, we’ve watched their film and [Iowa State] scored a lot of points. You have to get ready to play. We have a lot on the line and they have nothing to lose. It’s one of those games, it’s 11 in the morning. I think one of the lessons we’ve learned was from the KU ballgame, by learning that you’re playing someone that’s desperate to do something. If our guys haven’t figured it out, I probably can’t teach them anything. So I think we have to be careful.

What do you expect coming off playing so well on Thursday?

I expect us to play better. We’ve played a lot of good teams at home. I expect with senior day and a big home crowd for us to play well. If yesterday’s practice was any indication, I think they’ll be ready to go.

How does it feel knowing that the other teams in the College Football Playoff picture are playing championship games?

Why do you have to win a championship to be in the top four teams? Why would we go to a committee if we still need to go to championship games to get public support? There are a lot of good teams, and I’ve said that before. Usually it’s easy to see which two teams are going, but now with four it's more difficult. This year we have four, and someone else has to make that decision.

Do you feel like you need to try for style points in the upcoming game?

No, I don’t. I didn’t think about style points at Texas, I haven’t thought about them anywhere along the line. We’re going to try to win the football game, that’s the most important thing. You can’t do anything more than that. I’ve been on the other end of all those things, if you look at my record. We’ve taken a knee three times. You have to do the right thing and think about down the line you’re going to play other people. You just have to try to win.

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