Philbert Has Iowa State Among His Leaders

Iowa State is still looking for another offensive tackle in the 2015 Class, and JUCO Jaypee Philbert is a top target

Come next month, Jaypee Philbert is likely to reward one school for recruiting him before all of the rest.

The 6-foot-6, 305-pound offensive tackle from Coffeyville C.C. (KS) recently picked up offers from both Arizona State and Iowa State despite other schools first focusing on their mid-year signees.

“As of right now, those two schools are definitely my top two schools,” Philbert told “A lot of schools are waiting to contact me to see what mid-year guys they’ve got. Iowa State and Arizona State both did a great job of communicating with me before and not letting me graduating in May hinder the fact that they wanted to recruit me.”

Despite graduating in May, Philbert will have three years to play three, which intrigues Iowa State. Arizona State began recruiting the offensive tackle mid-season while Iowa State gave him a stronger look before Coffeyville’s bowl game earlier this month and pulled the trigger on an offer after his grades came in last week.

Philbert, an Atlanta, Georgia, native, was visited in December by both Mark Mangino and Tommy Mangino and was pitched the idea of competing for a starting left tackle role next season.

“Playing close to home won’t be a factor for me,” Philbert said. “My major factor is going somewhere and competing for a starting job right away.”

The reason playing close to home ultimately won’t be a factor is because Philbert will be unable to transfer to either the ACC or SEC. Both conferences restrict players like Philbert because he played at two different junior colleges.

Philbert, who allowed one sack this past season, will make his official visit to Iowa State on Jan. 16 and will be in town for the Kansas basketball game. He’ll go to Arizona State the next weekend (Jan. 23) and could make his decision shortly thereafter, although other schools could jump into the picture.

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