Notebook: Rhoads Talks End Zone, Twitter

Paul Rhoads talked about the south end zone and the chances of him joining Twitter as the winter recruiting lull continues

When Paul Rhoads has left Ames for a few days at various times this winter, he has returned surprised at the progress made in the Jack Trice Stadium south end zone.

“It’s fun for me right now going two or three days being out of town or whatever it is and come back and see it,” Rhoads said. “When they took out the scoreboard and the bleachers, and the steel started going up, it became ‘Wow’ in a hurry.”

Rhoads isn’t lying. On Dec. 1, the entire scoreboard and seating in the south end zone remained. Two weeks later, that problem was fixed. And just two weeks after that, most of the steelwork has now been installed.

See for yourself:

Iowa State has utilized the new end zone in recruiting. When it hosts a number of prospects on visits later this month, they will undoubtedly get a look.

“Right now on the heels of how that south end zone is exploding, ‘Look at this atmosphere,’” Rhoads said they’ll tell recruits. “You put them in the Jacobsen Building looking south and picture this thing.”

Recruits have been able to see pictures of what the end zone will look like via social media, but when they arrive for official visits, they’ll see the concrete and steel.

Rhoads on Twitter? No so fast

Speaking of social media, Rhoads still hasn’t made the jump that some other coaches around the country have in jumping onboard Twitter. If you’re waiting to follow the Iowa State coach, don’t hold you breath.

“I was watching the Property Brothers commercial the other day and one guy said, ‘I’m twittering, I’m twittering.’ He says, ‘No you’re not, you’re tweeting.’ He says, ‘No, I’m twittering, I’m twittering,’” Rhoads said. “It’s probably not going to happen. We’ll see. When my youngest gets out of high school, and I get a little bit more time, we’ll see. I doubt it though.”

Many coaches around the country use Twitter as a recruiting tool, but Rhoads doesn’t feel the lack of an account has hindered him. Recruiting, he said, is about relationships, and there has been no problem finding other ways to build those.

“I think the things that I do that add a personal touch, a personal touch, to those relationships has been strong in our efforts to recruit,” Rhoads said. “Whether it’s the handwritten notes, whether it’s the personal phone conversations, whether it’s the time spent whenever we have them on campus. I think I’ve done enough to develop those relationships over time with kids.”

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