Hoiberg Caught By Surprise With Dance Moves

Fred Hoiberg went to Detroit to film a commercial, but had no idea he would be dancing upon his arrival

Fred Hoiberg went to Detroit earlier this year thinking he would take part in some sort of talent show as part of a commercial for the Coach’s Infinity Challenge. It was for a good cause, so there was never any second-guessing.

Then he saw the script.

“I didn’t know exactly what the script was when I went out there,” Hoiberg said. “I heard something about a talent show, talent competition, but I didn’t know I was going to be doing the dance moves that I did.”

While having lunch with Iowa coach Fran McCaffery and Pittsburg coach Jamie Dixon, who are also in the commercial, Hoiberg learned his fate.

“I’m surprised you agreed to do this,” McCaffery said.

“I don’t know exactly what I’m doing,” Hoiberg responded.

“Then I saw the script and the dancing,” Hoiberg said Thursday. “I almost walked home after I saw that.”

Hoiberg was convinced to work with a choreographer, which he did for the next hour in his red velour tracksuit. “I’m not sure if you wear velour, but it doesn’t breathe very well,” Hoiberg said. “I was drenched head-to-toe.” He walked into the back room afterward, only to see Fran and Jamie eating donuts and drinking coffee.

Then it was time to film, and much to Hoiberg’s surprise (again), there was an audience of 500 kids there to watch him.

“The first time the music played, I just froze. I had no chance,” Hoiberg said. “It took about 100 takes to get. I was impressed, I thought I had pretty good rhythm.”

What ultimately resulted was a commercial that has gone viral with Hoiberg doing various dance moves throughout. The commercial debuted this week, which Hoiberg’s daughter, Paige, had fun with.

“My daughter said, ‘Can I tweet about it?” Hoiberg said. “I said, ‘I think a good thing to say is: ‘My dad has more swag than your dad.’ Then I looked at her Twitter feed and it said, ‘SMH,’ which I think means shaking my head.”

Indeed it does, but all for a good cause.

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