Cyclones Spotlight: Denver Johnson is catching up with 2015 commits leading up to National Signing Day. Up next is receiver Denver Johnson

What stood out about Iowa State in your visit and conversations that made you want to commit?

It would have to be just my relationship with the coaching staff. The campus life and facilities, just everything about Iowa State.

I was at a movie theater. I was watching the movie with my mom and my grandmother and I was like, ‘I want to commit right now.’ So I walked out of the movie theater and called Coach Rhoads and committed.

When you think about your future and think about the coming months, what excites you about Iowa State and getting to Ames?

My class and the people they have there that are hungry and ready to turn the program around. I see the hunger in the eyes of everybody and everybody wants the same thing. I’m ready to get it rolling, because these are my brothers that I’ll be able to be going to war with.

Some people watch film and see film, but for people who haven’t seen you, how would you describe your game to those people?

I would describe my game as using my frame and size to make plays over smaller defensive backs and trying to use my route running to get open.

If you had to key in on something that you want to work on between now and when the season starts, what would it be?

I’m always trying to increase my route running. Then my fundamentals and all that. Speed, strength, size, all of that.

When you came on your official visit there was ESPN GameDay, you got to see the end zone, all of that stuff, what types of things did you take away from the visit?

It was a great experience. I enjoyed it a lot. That really secured my decision. There’s no place I’d rather be. The atmosphere of the game, all the people in Ames are friendly and everybody showed us love.

It was great. The construction, I’m ready for them to get done, because ISU ’19 is trying to put on a show in there.

What is it like for you to have your cousin, Carson Epps, coming to Iowa State with you as a commit?

Anytime you can play with family it’s a dream come true. I like my family up there, but this is my actual family. Anytime I can bring him with me, that’s always a plus. He’s a really big, physical receiver like myself, but he’s fast. He’s a track guy, so he’s a legit 4.4 (40) speed. He’ll bring that element to the game. Coach Mangino told me we’ll be using him sort of in the slot and the outside, so he can do both.

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