Cyclones Spotlight: Landen Akers is catching up with 2015 commits leading up to National Signing Day. Next up is athlete Landen Akers, who is expected to grayshirt

Landen Akers is a 2015 commit from Cedar Rapids (IA), who is currently planning to enroll next fall but grayshirt for the first semester. Akers is a speedy receiver who has also been recruited for his speed in the return game.

What stood out about in your visit to Iowa State and conversations that made you want to commit?

First off, they were one of the best offers I got and they were really friendly, like another family, that’s mostly why.

It was a long process. First, I went to one of the summer camps there and ran a pretty good 40 (4.39) and other stuff. They said they weren’t in a position to offer me right then, but then they decided to watch how I did my senior year and decided at the end that I was going to be one of the scholarship players. It was pretty amazing. I felt relieved once I got [the offer] and I was pretty sure that was the school I was going to go to.

When you think about your future and think about the coming months, what excites you about Iowa State and getting to Ames?

Just the atmosphere. It’s a good school. I visited a couple of weeks ago and went to a game at Hilton and it was crazy. It excited me a lot because a lot of the other commits were there, so it was good to get to know them and to get together as a team and do stuff.

Some people watch film and see film, but for people who haven’t seen you, how would you describe your game to those people?

I would describe it as explosive. I like to be fast, so when I get the ball I like to run fast and make quick moves. My jumping ability and going up to get the ball I feel like is one of my best abilities.

I’ve been a returner for awhile. I didn’t start returning punts until this year, but that’s a big part of my game. It’s not just receiving.

If you had to key in on something that you want to work on between now and when the season starts, what would it be?

I’d like to keep doing the same things, but it’s going to be a lot harder at a different level. I don’t know what I’d like to improve so far, probably my strength, but that’s mostly it. They told me I’ll be putting on a lot of weight really quickly since, I’m not that small, but I have potential to gain a lot of weight.

I know the plan for you is to grayshirt, what have coaches told you about how you’ll approach that and what you’ll try to do to continue working out?

I feel like it’s a great opportunity, because I get another semester and also have time to gain weight and just focus on lifting and my speed. So I think it’ll be fine if I do it or don’t.

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