Inside the Record Books: Players on the Rise

A number of Iowa State players are climbing the ranks in the record books both for single-season and career marks. took a look inside as you wait for the Cyclones' next road test

There are certainly much bigger worries than season and career rankings for Iowa State records (like the Big 12 race), but what better way to kill a little time ahead of the Cyclones’ next road test than to take a look inside?

Let’s take a look at a few records.

Georges Niang | Category: Career Points

With 362 points this season, junior Georges Niang has not only reached the 1,000-point mark for his career, but he has also surged into Iowa State’s top-20 list for all-time scoring. Through 25 games this season, Niang sits at No. 17 all-time in scoring with 1,351 points, and he figures to keep moving up the list by season’s end. A realistic landing point by the end of the season would be No. 15 (1,498).

Now, looking ahead. Where could Niang end up by the end of his senior season? Assuming Niang nears 1,500 points by season’s end, he is likely to make a push for the top-3 next season. He’s 642 points from No. 3 Fred Hoiberg (1,993) and 839 from No. 2 Barry Stevens (2,190). It seems pretty certain that Jeff Grayer’s top ranking (2,502) is safe.

Naz Long | Category: Season & Career 3s

Naz Long’s career started much slower than Niang’s as the sharpshooter appeared in only 18 games (playing 124 minutes) as a freshman. In that time, Long connected for five 3-pointers.

Last season Long posted the No. 17 all-time mark for a single-season with 64 3s, and with 62 through 25 games this season, he’ll continue his climb in the single-season rankings this season. Assuming Iowa State plays a minimum of seven more games (which would be first-round exits at the Big 12s and NCAAs), Long would settle in around No. 8 all-time with 81 3s. It seems plausible that Long could move close to Fred Hoiberg at No. 4 (89), but Tyrus McGee at No. 3 (96) will be a bit tougher barring a big 3-point game.

On the career all-time list, Long has had quite a season in advancing. He went from 69 total and not being in the top-20 to reaching 131 and standing at No. 7 all-time (ahead of Chris Babb) through 25 games this season. By season’s end, Long would figure to be at least at No. 5 all-time (146). Naz needs only 67 3s between the remainder of this season and next season to finish his career as the second-best 3-pointer shooter in school history (Scott Christopherson, 198). Jake Sullivan’s top mark (270) appears to be pretty safe.

Monte Morris | Category: Season & Career Assists

In only his second season, Monte Morris has already cracked the top-20 in Iowa State history for assists. With 134 last season as a rookie and 136 this season through 25 games, Morris has 270 assists in his career, good for No. 14 all-time. Morris figures to reach No. 11 (308) by season’s end. With at the very least a similar season in 2015-16 (180-190 assists), Morris should reach No. 6 all-time (464). How much higher he jumps from there depends on if Morris stays for four seasons. If he does, Jeff Hornacek’s mark of 665 career assists appears to be reachable.

On the single-season list, No. 20 all-time is 159 assists, which Morris should reach this season. If he averages 5.4 assists and Iowa State advances in both the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments, No. 7 all-time (Jamaal Tinsley, 187) could be reachable.

Jameel McKay | Category: Season & Career Blocks

Jameel McKay’s rise up the single-season blocks list in Iowa State history is quite impressive given the fact that the big man has only played in 16 of 25 games. Currently, McKay sits tied at No. 14 all-time for a single-season with 38 blocks. McKay has nine blocks in his last two games, so the average appears to be on the rise. It seems plausible to think McKay could get 60 blocks this season, which would put him at No. 5 all-time (currently 58). Nos. 4, 3 and 2 are 64, 71 and 73 blocks and No. 1 (Kelvin Cato, 118) isn’t reachable.

Meanwhile, with a senior season ahead of him, it’s worth thinking about the career blocks list. No. 20 is 53 blocks, which McKay should reach by season’s end. Because he’s a two-year player, the rise in the career list won’t be quite as easy, but given a full season next year (and potentially 34 games), McKay very well could block 100 shots and reach No. 3 all-time for career blocks (134). After that are 189 blocks at No. 2 and 235 blocks at No. 1. The climb would be impressive in 1 ½ seasons.

Monte Morris | Category: Season & Career Steals

Morris had 46 steals during his rookie campaign and already has 44 through 25 games as a sophomore. Morris should end up between Nos. 6 and 12 (61-65) all-time for steals in a single season by the end of the year. That would put him around 106 steals for his career and into the top-20 for steals in a career at Iowa State. The question again with Morris is how many seasons he plays. He could crack the top-10 as a junior (No. 10 is 146) and with four years could be on pace to break Jeff Hornacek’s record of 211, needing a shade over 50 steals in each of his final two seasons should he finish this season strong.

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