Kassoum Yakwe Stops At Iowa State

2016 forward Kassoum Yakwe stopped at Iowa State on Monday as his recruitment progresses

2016 power forward Kassoum Yakwe has many decisions ahead of him, but while his recruitment progresses, the forward from Our Savior New American School (NY) stopped at Iowa State on Monday.

Yawke, a native of Mali who plays with 2015 Iowa State recruit Cheick Diallo at Our Savior, is a strong 6-foot-7 utility forward who holds offers from a number of major schools including Kansas, Louisville, St. Johns and Iowa State. He stopped in Ames prior to Iowa State's home finale against Oklahoma.

"The trip is really good right now," Yakwe said. "I’m getting used to the coach and with the players and know if I come here. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows."

Yakwe said he could still make visits to Indiana or Kansas. The junior, who has already completed the required high school courses, is still deciding whether he will reclassify to the 2015 class and go to college next year or go to prep school.

"I have all my courses done in school," Yakwe said. "So it’s good for me to go to college or go to prep school to work on my game. I can go to college and redshirt. Me and my guardian, we’re making a decision. It’s 50/50 right now. But I’m not going back to high school. I have all my courses done."

One other possibility for Yakwe, especially if he reclassifies, is the possiblity of playing with his high school teammate and close friend, Diallo.

Yakwe and Diallo could play together if Yakwe reclassifies, he said. That's one thing the two talked about as their recruitments progress.

"We talked about it. Maybe," Yakwe said. "Where he goes that can fit him and that can fit me well too we can go to the same college. We’ve been friends since we’ve been in Africa. So he knows how we play together."

Yakwe currently has no timeline as to when he might decide on reclassifying or going to prep school. For now he's focused on his visits.

The latest visit to Iowa State, Yakwe said, was a success.

"I feel like I can fit here really well," Yakwe said. "The way they run the plays, they spread it a lot. Like each one of the players can do their own things. And they run the floor, so I like that a lot."

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