VIDEO: Blaney Talks Offensive Line

Iowa State offensive line coach Brandon Blaney has an evolving depth chart this spring as the Cyclones hope to take a step forward on the offensive front

When the 2014 season came to a screeching halt, Iowa State offensive line coach Brandon Blaney shared a stark message with his linemen. The depth chart was about to be blown up, and all positions were open for competition.

Iowa State's initial spring depth chart lists Jake Campos (LT), Oni Omoile (LG), Patrick Scoggins (C), Jamison Lalk (RG) and Brock Dagel (RT) as the starters, but Blaney insists the depth chart remains fluid. With linemen Daniel Burton and Jacob Dunning not participating this spring due to injuries and JUCO Jaypee Phillbert not arriving until the summer, there is a good chance that group will look different by the time the 2015 season rolls around.

Now entering his second season in Ames, however, Blaney has depth on the offensive front. The next step is solving the battles and taking a leap forward to jumpstart Iowa State's running game in 2015.

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