Okwuegbunam Stops at Iowa State

2016 prospect Albert Okwuegbunam has already added offers from 14 schools, including Iowa State. The lanky pass-catcher most recently stopped in Ames.

Albert Okwuegbunam is quick to point out that he isn’t simply a tight end, and in fact, not all schools view the lanky pass-catcher that way.

Okwuegbunam, who is a 6-foot-6, 220-pound recruit from Springfield (Ill.) Sacred Heart Griffin stopped at Iowa State for a spring practice Thursday as his recruitment continues to heat up. The Cyclones, who are one of Okwuegbunam’s 14 offers, view him as a threating wide receiver rather than a tight end.

“They gave me a really thorough tour of everything,” Okwuegbunam told AllCyclones.com of his visit to Iowa State. “I looked at the housing for the players and the facilities are great. I especially liked the coaching staff.”

In addition to Iowa State, Okwuegbunam holds offers from Iowa, Minnesota, Syracuse and Toledo among others. Scout.com ranks him as the No. 23 tight end in the 2016 class and the No. 1 tight end in Illinois.

Okwuegbunam was a receiver in high school, helping Sacred Heart Griffin win a state title last season while becoming a top target. Some schools see him adding weight and moving to tight end. Whether teams view Okwuegbunam as a tight end or receiver, the rankings show where he stacks up.

“The Big Ten Conference, schools there are recruiting me as a tight end because they primarily run a pro style offense and use their tight ends a lot more than the Big 12 Conference, because they run spread,” Okwuegbunam said.

Okwuegbunam is fine with either spot.

“I’m comfortable with both,” Okwuegbunam said. “The only thing is there might be a little bit of a longer transition to go to a tight end since I play wide receiver in high school. That’s the only difference.”

Okwuegbunam doesn’t have a timeline for a decision, but has plenty of offers to mull over as he continues to make visits. Ideally, he hopes to decide before his senior season begins.

“It’s a combination of certain aspects like overall atmosphere and what the programs are about,” Okwuegbunam said. “If I know, then [I’ll] preferably [decide] by the time school starts. So late summer.”


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