Knott Waiting to See Specialist

Iowa State linebacker Luke Knott suffered a setback with his left hip this spring and is waiting to meet with a specialist in Chicago in the near future.

AMES, Iowa — Everything was going well for Luke Knott and his left hip this spring, but soreness after practices got underway halted his progression and now has the redshirt junior waiting for answers.

Knott appeared in six games as a redshirt freshman in 2013 before a left hip injury cut his season short and forced him to undergo surgery. Last season he appeared in all 12 games (starting eight), but was hampered by the hip near the end of the year.

“It was one of those things where the adrenaline takes over,” Knott said. “I wouldn’t really notice it too much in games, it was more every day in practice. I think that’s where it took a step back. I wasn’t practicing at the speed I need to be practicing at.”

Knott had surgery in the offseason to clean out calcification and scar tissue that was building up and was working out again within two months until a spring setback.

“I felt really good actually,” Knott said Saturday. “Once I got into spring practice, I noticed there was some soreness again in my hip. That was kind of a red flag for us and I went to the doctor here in Ames, who has really done a great job.”

Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads has said that the options Knott faces are wide-ranging. Knott could start next season at weakside linebacker for the Cyclones, Rhoads said, or could face some sort of career-ending surgery.

Knott wasn’t ready to speculate Saturday, but will go to Chicago in the near future to meet with the specialist who did his first surgery.

“[Doctors] were going to talk and communicate about what should be done,” Knott said of the current situation. “I think the next step would be a diagnostic injection to see what’s going on. If the diagnostic injection helps out my hip, then that will lead to other answers down the road.”

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