Hess Updates Busy Recruitment

2016 Mount Pleasant (IA) quarterback Joe Hess has been busy with camps and visits in recent weeks. The soon-to-be senior updates his recruitment after stopping at Iowa State.

The recent weekend for Mount Pleasant (IA) quarterback Joe Hess helps simply sum up how hectic the soon-to-be senior’s recruitment has been this summer.

Hess, after camping at Kansas on Friday, stopped at Iowa State for camp Saturday and left for Iowa afterward to complete a weekend filled with throwing in front of Division I coaches with the hope of eventually landing an offer.

“It’s be going pretty well,” Hess said. “I hope my arm doesn’t fall off with all these camps. I’m hoping to see what some of these schools say. Some seem a little bit more interested than others. A lot of them are really looking forward to seeing how I do at camp, because I think a lot of offers are on the line for a few of those camps.”

The 6-foot-5, 205-pound quarterback has often been in contact with Iowa State since the spring evaluation period while Northern Illinois, Northern Iowa and Eastern Michigan each contact him about twice per week.

Hess, a lefty, has made multiple visits to schools across the Midwest and his camp season will continue next Friday with a stop at Northern Illinois.

As for Iowa State, Hess did get a chance to receive feedback from coaches after camp and will now wait as the Cyclones continue to evaluate him into his senior season at Mount Pleasant.

“The coaches just said for me they want to see how I do my senior year and throughout the summer with my progression and stuff,” Hess said. “They said I did really well today with my arm and stuff. A lot of [schools] are just wanting to see how I do with my senior year. All of them have basically said the same thing and they want to see how I do on my test scores and stuff.”

The focus for Hess moving forward after camp will turn to his Mount Pleasant team, but Iowa State coaches also provided feedback on his game Saturday. Iowa State likes Hess’ size and arm strength, but wants him to be more elusive and work on both his footwork and quickness in the pocket.

That’s what Hess will work on moving forward as he awaits evaluations from schools and finishes his camp schedule. Ultimately, the Mount Pleasant product hopes he can make a decision before his senior season.

“Ideally, I’d love to be committed during my senior year. You don’t have that hanging over your head,” Hess said. “Either way I’m going to try to give all my focus on my team during the year, but it’d be really nice just to be committed during my senior year and to be able to sign on signing day. First off I have to get offered, so I’m just going to take it one step at a time.”


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