NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME A MEMBER! is entering Year 2 with publisher Alex Halsted, and there is much more recruiting coverage, video and new features coming along with it.

When I arrived at Scout one year ago to take over, I envisioned providing the recruiting coverage members of this network have come to expect while also adding in the daily coverage of football and basketball that is so important to being a beat writer of any team or program.

Now entering Year 2, I feel is beginning to hit its stride. Just this summer there have been scoops on a commitment and players visiting with immense coverage throughout June from camps and on the number of new offers. Now as the July evaluation period wraps up for basketball, is providing basketball recruiting coverage like never before with updates already from a number of key prospects.

As part of Scout, we’ve put together what we think is a strong membership package: Ticketmonster discounts, premium forums with engaged and informative Iowa State fans, fantasy advice from the world’s best players, new daily headline videos and more. We’ll be explaining all this in detail in the days ahead.

In the next year of, you can expect more video than ever before both in terms of interviews and on-camera analysis. We’ll continue to ramp up recruiting coverage with more basketball updates as the Cyclones seek to fill six scholarships for the 2016 class. And Scout is still adding new features that you’ll find in the weeks and months ahead.

We want to do more to create the world’s best Iowa State site. With your support, we can provide you with more great Iowa State articles and forum posts, more videos, more everything.

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