Frankl Turns Focus to 2015 Season

2016 Ames (Iowa) High School quarterback Michael Frankl is drawing interest from Iowa State, but he's attempting to focus on the upcoming 2015 season.

Ames (Iowa) High quarterback Michael Frankl has reached the waiting stage of his recruitment, and all he can do now is focus on football.

The 6-foot-2, 210-pound local quarterback has drawn interest from Iowa State and impressed at one of the team’s June camps. He is also drawing interest from North Dakota State, South Dakota Dakota, Illinois State, Western Illinois and Southern Illinois. For now, his focus has shifted to the season.

“A lot of the coaches from those schools have said they’re going to try to make it up to a game and watch me in person,” Frankl said. “Same with Iowa State, they’ve said that multiple times. It’s easy for them to do that, so they said they’d probably be at my first couple of games so they can watch me in-person and see how I react to different situations on the field or off the field if I make a bad decision or something. I’ve kind of realized I can’t focus too much on that.”

So Frankl is instead focused on Ames High.

He is working now to master Ames’ fast-paced offense while also spending some time at Iowa State. He recently visited for a fall camp practice and planned to potentially get another look at practice before the season starts.

“I was standing with all the players as they were coming in and out and I was talking with guys like Clifford [Kwaw-Mensah] from Ames High, Allen Lazard and I talked with all the quarterbacks and all the coaches came to talk to me and everything,” Frankl said. “Then they went down and showed me the new add-on to the stadium. It was just a lot of fun.”

Iowa State's decision on a 2016 quarterback will now extend into the fall. There was some thought the Cyclones might offer a quarterback during or shortly after camp season, but the message to several quarterbacks in the mix indicates that the staff will instead evaluating during the early part of the high school season.

Frankl is one of the signal-callers in that mix.

“I talk to Coach [Shane] Burnham weekly I’d say,” Frankl said of his communication with the Cyclones. “Right now I’d say mostly with them it’s about building a better relationship and them getting to know me better because we both know they’re going to evaluate my first couple of games.”

And while standing inside Jack Trice Stadium gets Frankl excited, he knows his focus can’t be on impressing during fall evaluations.

“Growing up in Ames and everything, you’re like, ‘Wow, this is where I want to play,’ and you have a feeling like I could see myself playing for the Cyclones and how much I’d love that,” Frankl said. “My mindset is just let the recruiting stuff out of my mind when I’m playing and just go out there and give it 100 percent and help my team win. Hopefully after that the chips will just fall where they’re supposed to.”

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