Lawrence White Impressed With Iowa State Official Visit

2016 Bakersfield (Calif.) defensive back Lawrence White used his first official visit to stop at Iowa State for CyHawk weekend and came away impressed.

Since Iowa State offered Bakersfield (Calif.) defensive back Lawrence White back in March during the spring evaluation period, the California native has had his eyes set on an official visit during football season.

That time finally arrived during CyHawk weekend, and White came away impressed.

“I loved every single minute of it. The atmosphere is crazy out there, that’s the definition of a college town,” White said after he returned home. “They took me places to eat and everywhere we went it was just a friendly environment. They were all just telling me, ‘Come to Iowa State, this would be the best decision for you,’ and stuff like that. They take football and their school in general very serious."

White is a 6-foot-2, 170-pound defensive back from Ridgeview High School in Bakersfield, the same high school that Iowa State running back Sheldon Croney and safety Kamari Cotton-Moya hail from. 

Iowa State was White’s first official visit, and he currently has just one other set, to Colorado State on Oct. 31. Washington State has shown interest in setting a visit, but nothing has been scheduled. Meanwhile, he also has interest from Utah, San Diego State and Wyoming.

“I’m still wanting to take all my trips, but as of right now Iowa State definitely went on top of my list just because that’s really the only campus I’ve seen and I loved every moment of it,” White said. “If I feel like it’s time to make that decision then I will, but if not I’m just going to take four other visits.”

What could speed that process up?

“I went to this visit to Iowa State by myself and I didn’t go with my mom. I really think if my mom would have went, I really think I would have sealed the deal right then,” White said. “The fact that she didn’t get to see it, I definitely have to talk to her about it and she’s going to get on the phone with Coach [Paul] Rhoads about it. I’m just going to try to fill in my mom on stuff and just tell her that I really love it and things like that to get her on the same page.”

That process will play out this week before White decides how to proceed.

“Wherever I choose, I’m going to be there three to five years, and I just want to make sure it’s the right choice,” White said. “Once I make a choice that’ll be my final choice, so I really just have to make sure it’s the best fit for me and my family.”

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