No Love Loss in QB Battle

Kansas City, MO -- Iowa State's starting quarterback race, at least for the season opener against Northern Iowa, shrunk by one when Chris Love was suspended after an OWI arrest earlier this month. But the picture could be even clearer for the remaining 11 games, judging by head coach Dan McCarney's comments at the opening session of Big 12 media days Wednesday in Kansas City.

McCarney said Love would be relegated to third-team status throughout training camp, meaning contenders Waye Terry and Austin Flynn will split reps initially with the ones and twos. The preseason also could be a sign for things to come throughout the fall.

"He'll take all of the snaps with our threes during camp," said McCarney. "Waye Terry and Austin Flynn, one of them, will be our starter for the first game. After that, it's up for grabs. But who are we kidding? You miss 29 practices running with the number one team…you're going to be way behind. It's not impossible, but it's not very probable that Chris is going to get back to being our starter unless Austin and Waye have all kinds of problems and turn the ball over.

"Cris is on scholarship and will report with the 105. He's been suspended for the first game. I've been very fair with all of our discipline and behavior problems. Fortunately, there have been very few."

Love has been ISU's top reserve the past two seasons, backing up Seneca Wallace and passing for 243 yards and two touchdowns on 22-of-38 completions. However, interceptions plagued him this spring as he was unable to distance himself from his inexperienced competitors. Off-the-field problems will not be helping him either.

"The first thing we're looking for out of our players, especially the quarterbacks, is common sense in making decisions," McCarney said. "Be classy with high character and be a leader. One day, Chris didn't have those things. He made a mistake and it cost him."

Whoever ISU turns to for week one and the remainder of the season, he'll have the confidence of his teammates. Lane Danielsen, one of three senior captains to make the trip for Wednesday's event, just hopes that he and the rest of the offense can pick up their games.

"We know we've got three guys that have the talent to lead us where we want to go this year," said Danielsen, preferring to leave Love in the mix. "Each quarterback brings something a little different to the table and hopefully we'll have a good enough offense to surround the quarterback. We don't want him to feel like he has to make every play and we can rely on a running game to take some pressure off the quarterback position."

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