Inside the Iowa State Record Books: Looking at Georges Niang

When all is said and done, Georges Niang will go down as one of the best in Iowa State history. As March draws closer, Niang is closing in on some Iowa State greats in the record books. Here's a look.

When Georges Niang plays his final game in an Iowa State uniform sometime this spring, he will go down historically as one of the best to ever don the cardinal and gold. Barring injury, Niang will tie Melvin Ejim in the first game of the Big 12 tournament for the most games played in Iowa State history (135) and he will break that mark either in Game 2 in Kansas City or in Iowa State's opening game of the NCAA tournament. 

That won't be the only mark where Niang will ultimately ranky highly. Let's take a look.

Career Scoring

Niang will pass his former coach, Fred Hoiberg, in career scoring Tuesday against Baylor with only four points, placing him no worse than third all-time at Iowa State. To catch Barry Stevens, Niang will need to cotinue to score at a high rate and help the Cyclones to a postseason run. Iowa State is guarenteed eight more games — six in the regular season, one in Kansas City and one in the NCAA tournament — and Niang would need to average 25 points per game if that's all the further it goes. Even with an extra game in Kansas City and the NCAAs, Niang would need to average 20 points per game to reach Stevens.

Depending on Iowa State's postseason fortune, Stevens and No. 2 are within reach.

Rank Player Points
1 Jeff Grayer 2,502
2 Barry Stevens 2,190
3 Fred Hoiberg 1,993
4 Georges Niang 1,990
5 Victor Alexander 1,892


Career Field Goals

When it comes to career field goals, Niang is also closing in on No. 3 all-time, but rather than Hoiberg, the next man within reach is Victor Alexander. Niang currently finds himself 25 field goals out of third and is averaging 7.5 field goals per game, meaning he's on pace to reach that mark Feb. 27 against Kansas State. There is little doubt Niang will ultimately move to No. 3, but how about reaching Stevens in this category? That's unlikely. Even with 10 more games (four postseason), Niang would need to average nearly 13 field goals per game (Stevens never had the 3-point line). So Niang will almost certainly stay put at No. 3 all-time once he reaches that mark in the coming weeks.

Rank Player Field Goals
1 Jeff Grayer 974
2 Barry Stevens 880
3 Victor Alexander 778
4 Georges Niang 753
5 Hercle Ivy 742


Career 3-Pointers

Niang doesn't come off as a 3-point shooter, but given his consistency over his four-year career — 38 as a freshman, 48 as a sophomore, 46 as a junior and 40 this season — the senior forward has slowly worked his way up this list as well. Niang should reach Hoiberg here too as he'd need to average only 1.4 3s per game in the guarenteed games remaining this season. Depending how the season shapes up, No. 2 all-time isn't unthinkable. Niang is 26 3s behind Scott Christopherson for that mark, and while it would seem unlikely, a postseason run in Kansas City or in the NCAA tournament could help him get there.

Rank Player 3-Pointers
1 Jake Sullivan 270
2 Scott Christopherson 198
3 Dedric Willoughby 190
4 Fred Hoiberg 183
5 Georges Niang 172
6 Naz Mitrou-Long 162
7 Tyrus McGee 146
7 Michael Nurse 146
9 Matt Thomas 136
10 Chris Babb 129


Career Assists

After averaging 1.8 assists per game as a freshman, Niang has averaged 3.6, 3.4 and 3.2 assists per game in the last three seasons. That production has moved him into the Top-10 all-time this season, but there is only a small outside chance he could still catch Jamaal Tinsley. Moving up would take an increased assist rate and most likely more than 10 more games (meaning four-plus postseason games in the Big 12s/NCAAs).

Rank Player Assists
1 Jeff Hornacek 665
2 Diante Garrett 611
3 Gary Thompkins 600
4 Jacy Holloway 592
5 Terry Woods 564
6 Monte Morris 485
7 Will Blalock 464
8 Curtis Stinson 448
9 Jamaal Tinsley 431
10 Georges Niang 383


Career Rebounds

Here is where Niang can make his biggest move down the home stretch of his Iowa State career. Niang is currently averaging a career-best 6.4 rebounds per game this season, one rebound per game better than any other season in his career. If he keeps up that pace in the eight guarenteed games remaining, Niang would move past Sam Hill for No. 11 all-time in career rebounding at Iowa State. Cracking the Top-10 in within reach, too, given some postseason wins and similar production.

Rank Player Rebounds
9 Craig Brackins 736
10 Marcus Fizer 716
11 Sam Hill 705
12 Loren Meyer 676
13 Vince Brewer 674
14 Henry Whitney 672
15 Rashon Clark 670
16 Julius Michalik 666
17 John Crawford 658
18 Georges Niang 655
18 Klay Edwards 655

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