How Much Does Steve Prohm Earn with Iowa State's NCAA Bid?

Iowa State coach Steve Prohm will undoubtedly pay little attention to his contact bonuses in the days ahead, but the first-year coach has some potential earnings coming his way.

Iowa State coach Steve Prohm is certain to be putting his focus on Iona and avoiding the upset that sent the Cyclones home on the NCAA tournament's first day last season, but his bank account stands room to benefit this week after getting a big initial bump Sunday.

Prohm, who signed a 5-year contract in June with a base salary of $1.5 million for the initial 2015-16 season, received a $50,000 performance incentive Sunday with Iowa State's selection into the NCAA tournament. Now, Prohm has room to add more as his contract calls for him to earn $25,000 per NCAA tournament win.

Prohm's contract, which includes a $50,000 raise to that $1.5 million base each year, includes a number of other bonuses for various milestones including Big 12 performance, Coach of the Year voting and the NCAA tournament. The other NCAA tournament bonus still alive this season is a $250,000 payout for a Final Four appearance.

During Prohm's first season at Iowa State, the Cyclones have gone 21-11 (10-8 in the Big 12) and extended their school-record NCAA tournament streak to five consecutive seasons.

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