Media Day Features New Look

One of the highlights of ISU's 2003 Media Day was the unveiling of new uniforms made by Nike. In this photo, quarterbacks Waye Terry and Austin Flynn model the new unis for photographers.

Many of the players said that the uniforms are much more comfortable than previous models, both in the jersey and the pants. The pants feature vertical stripes of white and gold which are elastic, allowing much more flexibility in the lower body. The jersey seems to allow more twisting movement of the upper body, according to several of the players.

On Media Day, the seniors voted to wear the red over red version of the uniform, but red over white, white over white and white over red will all be options during the season. The white pants feature a gold stripe framed by red stripes on either side.

The red is a lighter shade and the jerseys and pants match much closer than last year's model. The helmet is also a lighter shade of red and features a white facemask and an emblem on the back with the initials of deceased Cyclones Dexter Green, Ennis Haywood and Pete Taylor.

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