Iowa State Partners with Michigan for Texas Satellite Camp

What do Iowa State and Michigan have in common? The two schools will be at a satellite camp together in Texas this summer.

Sitting front and center of the satellite camp debate since his return to college football has been Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. Soon, Iowa State coach Matt Campbell will join him.

Iowa State and Michigan coaches will share the same football field this summer when the two coaching staffs team up to run a satellite camp in Texas. The camp, which will be hosted by Dallas Showtyme Elite Football, will take place June 13 in Addison, Texas, and will be open to 10th-, 11th- and 12th-graders.

“My belief in this is, ‘Where can we get the most value, the most bang for our buck?’” Campbell said Tuesday. “I think being able to link up with Michigan down there maybe gives us the most value rather than just Iowa State going down there.”

Satellite camps certainly aren’t new to Iowa State. The former coaching staff hosted two satellite camps last summer — one in Florida and another in Texas — as the debate over their place in the college game heightened.

The camps have become a fiery topic in the NCAA due to mixed rules from different conferences. While NCAA rules prohibit schools from hosting camps outside a 50-mile radius of their university, there is no such rule that prohibits coaches from serving as guests at camps hosted by outside parties, and many institutions have taken advantage. 

The SEC and ACC have conference rules that prohibit coaches from going to camps outside of their 50-mile radius, but neither the Big Ten nor Big 12 have such rules, allowing coaches from conferences to take part. The satellite camps have allowed Power 5 coaches to provide hands-on instruction while players get more exposure to major programs.

“Obviously this is such a touchy subject and it’s fluid until the NCAA goes to vote on all these issues but I think the reality is, it’s great for kids,” Campbell said of satellite camps. “It’d be a shame if this goes away. We’re really devaluing young people and not giving them an opportunity to get recruited.” 

Iowa State is set to host two other satellite camps this summer — one with the University of Dubuque and another with Lewis Central High School in western Iowa near Omaha — but its pairing with Harbaugh and Co. has drawn increased attention given the coach’s recent outspokenness on the matter.

So come mid-June, Michigan and Iowa State will partner in Texas.

“I think we’re going to continue to find unique ways for us to get to certain areas that maybe are outside our own radius and how we can get the most value for us and our football program,” Campbell said.


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