Cyclones Set Sights on Louisiana Running Back Trey Coleman

West Monroe (La.) running back Trey Coleman has seen his interest pick up in recent months and a number of Power 5 schools have offered. So far, Coleman has been an Iowa State priority.

Iowa State running backs coach Louis Ayeni tweeted a message this spring aimed at all prospective running backs.

The tweet, accompanied by a photo of running back Mike Warren, read: “Searching the nation to find another RB that wants to live up to these standards!! #WeRunTheBall #FroshPlayHere” While Iowa State hopes to ultimately land at least one talented running back in 2017, it has its sights set early on West Monroe (La.) prospect Trey Coleman.

Ayeni recently stopped in Louisiana to see Coleman, a 6-foot, 213-pound running back who is continuing to see his interest pick up.

“Their message is that I’m one of their top prospects and they want me and they’re looking forward to me coming down whenever I can get a chance,” Coleman said. “Not necessarily do stuff at the camps, but watch and meet the coaches and stuff. They just want me and they’re recruiting me hard.” 

Coleman holds offers from Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi State and others in addition to Iowa State. The group of schools that have been in to see him during the spring period — including all of the above — currently stand out.

Just as Ayeni’s tweet to prospective running backs referenced, he would like Coleman to come to Iowa State with an immediate opportunity. 

“He feels I can come in and play. He just said I’m a dynamic running back… He just said I’m a good ballplayer basically,” Coleman said of Ayeni. “We talk all the time and he wants me bad just like the rest of the coaches. We’ve talked on the phone about three times or so. We communicate. We have a good relationship.”

Coleman, who began to pop up on the recruiting radar his freshman year, has already taken visits to Mississippi State, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana Tech and Louisiana-Monroe and hopes to take a few more this summer, including one north to visit the Cyclones in Ames. 

Ideally, a decision would come before the fall. 

“I kind of want to do it before my senior season,” Coleman said of committing. “Whenever me and my dad talk and make our mind up and whatever we think fits best is when we’re going to make [a decision]. There’s not really a certain time. If there was a time I’m trying to estimate the time it would be, but whenever we figure out is when it’s going to be.” 

Regardless of when that decision comes, Coleman is focused on a few factors. 

“The most important thing to me would be how hard you recruit me. How bad do you want a relationship with me?” Coleman said. “I look at it as how they treat you now while they’re recruiting you is how they’re going to treat you when you get there. That’s basically [it], just how hard you recruit me, how bad you want me, how bad you show me that you want me and show me that you’ve been honest and true in what you’re telling me. It depends on how many people are in front of me too.”


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