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Iowa State Unveils White Helmet For 2016

Iowa State coach Matt Campbell has said he would like to bring "newness" to the program and the first step will be new white helmets, the school announced Monday.

Matt Campbell's vision for the future of the Iowa State football program mostly centers around the roster and recruiting, but the new Iowa State coach has admitted he would like to bring a "newness" to the program as he begins the rebuilding process. 

The first of what is expected to be multiple steps was unveiled Monday when Iowa State announced it while wear an alternate white helmet, "a couple of times per season at the discretion of the coaching staff and team."

“As we start to build the culture inside our football program, we also want to be creative and add excitement outside our football program” Campbell said in a statement Monday. “The opportunity to have multiple options for gameday attire is great and our kids get excited about new and fresh concepts.”

Iowa State hasn't yet determined when it will wear the white helmet for the first time, but will wear all white when it does.

The helmet, meanwhile, is expected to be just the first step in the process. The Cyclones will stick with the same base uniform in 2016 since Nike typically needs a full calendar year to redesign uniforms and Campbell's December arrival didn't fit that schedule.

"I think we’ve made some good progress whether it’s going to be accessories, whether it’s going to be uniform in general, I think we’ll be able to make some really good progress," Campbell said on the Tailgate Tour. "A little bit of it is stunted. I think it’s going to have to be segmented because of Nike. They’ve been supportive though in some ways and I think you’ll see some changes as we come into the fall. I know we’re really excited about them and again that is important because it’s about recruiting. Those are things, as you know us and our staff, that is something we want to continue to find different ways to recruit.

"I think our base uniform will certainly, at least this year, stay the same, but it’s having some options within our uniforms and some of the accessories and some of the areas I think we’ll have a chance to upgrade. Let’s say upgrade, that sounds like a good word."

Here's a closer look at the new helmets.

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