2017 Priority Kenny Robinson Set to Visit Iowa State

Pittsburgh (PA) University Prep athlete Kenny Robinson is about to narrow his options, and Iowa State is one of the schools standing out. Here's the latest ahead of his weekend visit.

The versatility of Pittsburgh athlete Kenny Robinson is so evident that prospective schools just want to get him on campus and find ways to use him. 

Schools think the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Robinson could play offense or defense and even once a side of the ball is determined, he has no true position. Some schools want him at linebacker, some at safety, others elsewhere. 

“I’m open to everything, honestly,” Robinson said. “As long as I get on the field I’ll be fine.” 

The well-regarded Robinson holds numerous major offers, but he admits five schools are sticking out as his recruitment progresses. 

“I was thinking about dropping a Top-5 next week or this week,” he said. “The schools that were coming out most to me were Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Pitt, Iowa State and Toledo. They were sticking out the most to me right now.”

While all schools tell Robinson he’s an ‘athlete,’ hometown Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech are truly recruiting him at linebacker, Iowa State wants him as a safety and West Virginia and Toledo are still determining his future position. 

Robinson has previously taken trips to Pittsburgh and West Virginia and would like to take trips to all five of the previously listed schools in the weeks ahead. That will begin with a trip this weekend (June 18) to Iowa State. 

That trip transpired out of Iowa State’s constant recruitment. 

“From talking to the coaches I see they care and they really just want me to come out there and experience the school and get on campus and see if I really like it because I haven’t been there,” Robinson said. “They think I’ll really like it and I guess I’m one of their top priorities, so they want me to come out there.

“I like their vibe — the coaches’ vibe — they’re all cool. I can see they really want me. They really contact me — are texting my phone or hit me up on Twitter. It’s a good situation, I think, if I went there.”

Robinson is friends with Iowa State’s 2016 linebacker signee Tymar Sutton, who moved in this week and has been pushing him to take a visit. Linebackers coach Tyson Veidt has also been in frequent contact with Robinson, who is one of the staff’s top priorities for 2017. 

“They said they like the way I play and no matter what side of the ball, they see I give it my all and I could play either way,” Robinson said. “I’m just an athlete and they said they like it and they’re fired up about me.”

As Robinson begins to focus in on a smaller group of schools in the near future, he is also taking a look at a few specific factors. 

“The most important thing would probably be education and if I got support and help academically and not just on the field, like somebody is always going to be there for me,” he said. “Also, I’ve got to feel comfortable with the situation of where I’m at. Then it would be sports. See if I have a real chance of playing, because I don’t want to redshirt. I want to have a chance to play my freshman year.” 

Robinson is leaning toward making a decision sometime during his senior season but hasn’t yet ruled out a commitment sometime beforehand.

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