Florida Defensive Back Quran Hafiz Gets Closer Look at Iowa State

Jacksonville (Fla.) cornerback Quran Hafiz has decided to take his recruitment slower, but the Cyclones are in his mix after his weekend trip to Ames.

Sandalwood (Fla.) cornerback Quran Hafiz presented a statement Tuesday that Iowa State hopes he might eventually turn into reality.

“I bet y'all would like to see this match up in practice everyday in future years,” Hafiz tweeted with an accompanying photo of him covering Iowa State wide receiver commit Joshua Johnson during their weekend visit.


Iowa State’s coaching staff has made Hafiz a top cornerback target and would certainly like to make that practice matchup a reality. Hafiz, who also holds offers from the likes of Minnesota, Duke, Virginia Tech, Indiana, N.C. State, Purdue and others, was presented that message often on his recent visit to Ames.

“We spent a good amount of time together,” Hafiz said of he and coach Matt Campbell. “We met and had one-on-one talks two or three times. He was just telling me how fired up he was for me to be there and how much the program and coaching staff wants me. [He] just likes my leadership and my character just as much as he likes my ability to play ball and make plays on the field.” 

The 6-foot Hafiz, who has been a priority for the staff in recent weeks, completed a busy month of trips with his stop at Iowa State. In addition to meeting several other prospects and Iowa State commits, he also sat with cornerbacks coach D.K. McDonald, who showcased Hafiz’s potential in the Iowa State defense. 

“I talked to Coach D.K. [McDonald]. He broke down my film and showed how I fit what they do on defense,” Hafiz said. “Me and Coach D.K. have a good relationship, I like him a lot. He just tells me how good of a place ISU is and we don't talk just about football. I feel [like] I'm a top priority.”

Hafiz, who announced a Top-4 of Iowa State, Minnesota, Duke and Virginia Tech on June 12 with a decision to be made the following day, has since delayed his commitment decision so as not to rush his recruitment.

After a few weeks of thought and his Iowa State trip, he’s keeping an open mind.

“I don't have any top schools as of right now,” Hafiz said of his timeline. “I'm just taking it day by day giving every school a chance. I don't have a timeline. If the time feels right, that's when my decision will be made.”

Hafiz currently plans to take trips to South Florida, Virginia Tech and potentially Indiana in the final weeks of July when the dead period is lifted. For now, he’s proceeding with a few key factors in mind. 

“If I fit in the program, do I fit in with the schemes and does the place have the right fit, period?” Hafiz said. “Like, does that place feel like home?”

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