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"We've got to grade the tape and everything, but I think he did a lot of good things. I don't ever come off the field and name anybody a starter. We've got to sit down and go over the tape and be real thorough in our evaluations."
No starter yet in quarterback race
Des Moines Register

"Coach Morgan made Rahshon feel real cool about the whole thing. You bring a kid all the way from New York to Iowa, you have to say something to make him feel comfortable."
East Coast prepster Clark to sign with ISU
Des Moines Register

"Coming into last year, as well as this year, I'm just trying to keep the attitude of the players up," Hornbacher said during ISU's media day Tuesday. "We need to realize that we're on the same page; we're in this together and we're fighting for the same thing. In the big picture, we're fighting to be in the big dance; we're fighting to be in the NCAA Tournament."
Hornbacher introduces '03 soccer squad
Ames Tribune

"It seems like it's just been given to me. But Hiawatha will be back after the Northern Iowa game. He was tremendous in the spring, and for me to keep the job, I'm going to have to play really well in that first game."
Coaches, teammates see Hicks' ability, potential
Omaha World Herald

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