Iowa State vs. Ohio Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State players and coaches following Saturday afternoon's 48-20 victory over Ohio in the second game of the 2003 regular season.

Dan McCarney:

"We're very pleased with the win. Ohio is a team that causes everyone a lot of problems, especially with their offense. I thought we made a lot of improvement. From week one to week two, we challenged our kids. As coaches we tried to look at ourselves and do a better job of coaching. We're sure not where we want to be yet, but it's clear we're a much better team than we were last Saturday."

"I'm pleased overall with most of the offensive execution. There are still a lot of new faces out there that played a major role, and I thought all those kids did a real good job. Austin Flynn continues to improve with 320 yards offense and no interceptions. He's really understanding how you need to respect the football if you're going to be a starting quarterback at Iowa State."

"Mike Wagner ran hard and ran tough, as did Hiawatha. We've got a good group of backs down there."

"We struggled in pass coverage on defense at times. I think we gave up over 200 yards on three plays, which is ridiculous and inexcusable. But in the end we held them to 20 points and it's a team that's capable of putting up a lot of points. So we have a lot of good things to build on."

"We have to be a lot better against Iowa. They're coming in ranked, 2-0 and have blown out the two teams they've played. I got a chance to watch a little bit of that game today, and it was just men and boys. It was a complete mismatch from the first series on, so we're going to have to improve immensely before next Saturday."

"(Lane's) unbelievable and special to this program. The records are way secondary to what we accomplished as a team, and Lane would be the first one to tell you. It will be nice when he ends his career here to leave his name in the record books for a long time. Hopefully we'll do that as a team. Anything he accomplishes and attaches his name to, it's fantastic and he deserves it."

"You're very concerned when you give up those chunks of yards. Make them earn it. They have been in the top 10 in the country in rush offense, so they know what they're doing. It's not just tricking and slipping past you. They've got a great system. The way they got it and how easily they got it just sickens me. I can't stand to think about it or go look at that tape, but we're going to look at that tape and get it corrected. If it's personnel, technique or a call, we're going to get it straightened out. We've got zero chance to beat Iowa or anybody in our league giving up those chunks of yards."

"Steve Brickey has done a wonderful job with Austin so far. He has played two college games. I don't care if you're a freshman or senior, and who you're playing, if you put up 325 yards of offense and no interceptions or fumbles, and make some big plays rushing the football. He looked like a guy that belongs as our starting quarterback. He's leading our offense."

"You put it all on the shoulders of your offensive line, tight ends, fullback and running back. Those are the kinds of things you need to do if you're going to grow up, mature and improve. You have to experience those things and not just do it in a mock game or look at it on highlights. That's how you finish games. It's performance, attitude, believing, confidence and finishing the deal. I was real proud of the kids."

"We had a nice punt return by Todd Miller, and those are the kind of things we need to start doing more of. I would have liked to see us start doing more of that. I would have liked to see us get more turnovers than we got today, but it was better than a week ago. Special teams plays such a huge part in field position. We were inconsistent today, though. There were great things and below average things we need to get fixed. We have to match Iowa's special teams."

"That's a better team. It's a Division I football team. They're a better looking physical team. We played a better team today with better results. I'm going to give my kids and staff credit. We did improve. They answered the challenge and the ball. But now is the time to stitch it up, because the heart of the season begins this week."

"Both of them did a good job. I want to watch the tape to see blocking, protection and yards after contact, but from standing on the sidelines I would say Wags is our number one running back going into the game this week. But both of those kids I was real proud of. This was the first time Hiawatha played and he missed a block in protection. He just needs to get out there and play. But he ran hard and ran tough. Our running back position is the least of my worries right now."

"They said it (Ellis Hobbs) had his head down. I've got to see the tape, because what I saw on the sideline and replay, it was about as good a defensive play as you'll see. I didn't see anything illegal. I saw him come in with his head up, hit him in his facemask and tackle him to his chest. I didn't know that was anything illegal in this game. I thought it was a great play."

"He goes 100 miles an hour and is going to make some plays. We just have to make sure he's playing within our system and playing good responsibility. I couldn't be more proud. You're talking about two true freshmen in Jason Berryman and Aaron Brant playing against the teams we play. I'm so proud of those kids. Whatever happens this season, those are as good as any kids we've brought in here. If we keep bringing in those kinds of kids, I can stay here a long time as a head coach."

"I thought it was real poor technique. We coached it, repped it, showed it to our guys all week. That's what we talked about in the Tuesday press conference. They're so run conscious and then they play action you and get behind you. From the sideline, it was poor technique and we've got to do a better job of coaching it."

"They'll come in here ranked and I'm sure as the favorite. The last five years, just like the 15 years prior to that has nothing to do with next Saturday. It's Kirk's team of 2003 and my team of 2003. It's one of the great matchups in college football. I've seen it progress. It used to be the only people that cared about it were the people instate. Then it went to regional and now it has national implications. Thankfully it's going to be on where a lot of the country can see it."

Lane Danielsen:

"It feels good. I really didn't know until halftime when someone came up and told me I got the record. It felt really good. I wasn't thinking about the record at all during the game. I was just trying to go out there, make plays and help the team win."

Jordan Carstens:

"I thought we played a lot better. We didn't play like we thought we could last week. We gave up some big plays throughout the game, but other than that we played solid defensively."

"A lot of it was they're such a run-oriented team and we got into putting as many guys in the box as we can. We had guys coming up and helping on the run. It can be deceiving. You're going to get beat sometimes against a team like that."

Cale Stubbe:

"I felt like we got a lot better. We came out and played hard. The line definitely improved. We spent a lot of time together this week going over film and watching. They have a really good defense and were moving all over the place. We wanted to make sure we were prepared for that. We wanted to pick up on what they do."

Austin Flynn:

"I felt a lot more confident out there. The running game helped us out a lot and made it easier for me. It gave me a little time. The offensive line came through and improved immensely. This offensive group is coming together and gelling more and more. They probably trust me a little more. It's being confident in each other."

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