ISU-Ohio Photo Gallery II

View Part II of a gallery of photos from the Iowa State win over Ohio University by CI Steve and the AP.

Ohio's T.J. Wright wraps up Iowa State's Michael Wagner during the second half. (AP Photo/Steve Pope)

An improved performance by Iowa State's offensive line was a key to the game as the Cyclones racked up 271 yards on the ground. Here, offensive tackle Cale Stubbe talks about it. (Photo/CI Steve)

Iowa State's Todd Miller hurdles over Ohio's Pete Brately, who was blocked by Iowa State's Gabe Bakker, in the first half. (AP Photo/Steve Pope)

Ohio head coach Brian Knorr was very complimentary of the Cyclones after the game. (Photo/CI Steve)

Ohio's Justin Roush grabs the face mask of Iowa State's Michael Wagner during the first half. Roush was charged with a penalty on the play. (AP Photo/Steve Pope)

Mike Wagner led the Cyclones in ruching for the second week in a row. He tallied 115 yards on 21 carries. (Photo/CI Steve)

Ohio's Andre Bradford (5) can't catch Iowa State's Lane Danielsen as he scores a touchdown during the first half. (AP Photo/Steve Pope)

Lane Danielsen set a career record for total yardage by an Iowa State receiver. (Photo/CI Steve)

Who's the best dressed? Freshman defensive end Jason Berryman, who made his first start, or CN's Bill Seals --- you make the call. (CN/CI Steve)

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