Flynn Talks Cyclones-Hawkeyes

In the days leading up to Iowa State's annual clash with instate rival Iowa, redshirt freshman quarterback Austin Flynn, who makes his third career start against the Hawkeyes, spoke with CN about the matchup.

CN: Getting a sense of what this game means to your teammates, how long will it take you to get into the rhythm and intensity of it?

Flynn: Hopefully it will be in practice before the game. We talked about being intense all the way practice and trying to get the tempo up. Hopefully we can get it as close as we can in practice this week.

CN: Are two games enough to prepare yourself for the step up in competition and an instate rival?

Flynn: I don't know. I don't consider myself a veteran, but I don't consider myself a rookie. I haven't been in this situation and I haven't been there, so I don't know if I'm ready or not. I think I am and hopefully my teammates think I am too. We'll see what happens.

CN: What will you need to do Saturday in order for your team to be successful?

Flynn: I'm definitely going to have to play well and my team is going to have to play well. We've got to have a great week in practice. They're a tough team and are nationally ranked in the top 25. We've got to play pretty well to have a chance to win.

CN: You've been pretty close to the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry growing up in the Lone Star State. How does the one in the state of Iowa compare?

Flynn: I haven't been to an Iowa-Iowa State game, so I really don't know. But I hear it's even worse than Texas-Texas A&M, which is pretty hard to believe. That's how big this game is.

CN: Are you more nervous this week than the previous two?

Flynn: We'll have to see how I feel later in the week. We'll see.

CN: Does it actually help you play looser not being from the state of Iowa?

Flynn: I haven't been in this situation and I really don't know what it takes. Hopefully I get in their and play well, and the offense helps me out with my great receivers and offensive line.

CN: Is this offense getting more comfortable together as the non-conference season moves on?

Flynn: I think so. We had a great week last week, and we got started on Iowa Monday. Hopefully we keep on improving this week and the offense will click better than it did against Ohio.

CN: In what areas did you improve as a quarterback last week?

Flynn: I thought I really trusted the O-line a lot more. I thought in the first game I decided to tuck it a little quicker than I thought. I stayed in the pocket a little longer and tried to get the ball to our receivers more. I trust them more than ever right now. Our offense is trusting each other. Hopefully everything turns out. We've got to play well.

CN: Have the upperclassmen given you more of a clue on this game's importance?

Flynn: The seniors said this is going to be a big-intensity game, and just be relaxed and play. Play well. That's how our offense has to approach it. We need to improve every day this week and maybe we'll have a chance Saturday.

CN: Is this Iowa defense intimidating?

Flynn: They've got a great defense. It's one of a kind. We've got to really improve this week to have a chance. They're probably one of the top 10 defenses in the nation. They are tough. I've seen them on film and they look stronger than ever. It's going to take a lot to even have a chance to play them.

CN: This could be a low-scoring game. How important will it be not to make a critical mistake along the way?

Flynn: It's pretty important. One of our main goals is no turnovers and not beating ourselves with penalties and turnovers.

CN: Do you like the underdog role?

Flynn: Yes. It's something that gives you a little motivation to work hard in practice, and then let's get after them and win a game you're not supposed to win. You've got to like that role sometimes.

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