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"I had no idea he was gone. We just kept doing our own thing. He's one of the best players on their team, but they've got great players everywhere. Everything happened so fast. Sometimes you don't even pay attention to numbers with the running backs because you're not right in front of them. You see linemen, but you don't see running backs."
More than one key play factored into ISU's '02 rally
Des Moines Register

"Iowa gave The Big Game away last year." (Yes. But they also had ample opportunity to take it back.) "Iowa State has the kids that wanted to go to Iowa." (That one died around the same time as Billy Ray Cyrus' singing career.) "McCarney has Ferentz in a mental headlock." (Maybe. But the coaches didn't injure Fred Russell last year or turn Brad Banks into Captain Butterfingers.) "Iowa State has more Iowa kids." (True. Sixty-five to 45 at last count, but what's your point?).
Keeler: Analyzing reasons for Cyclone advantage
Des Moines Register

"It probably won't be as many snaps, but whatever I get, it's going to be 100 percent and trying to help them win."
Gamer TeBrink finds new side of ball this fall
Des Moines Register

"Two true freshmen, are you kidding me? In this league? I'm so proud of those kids. Whatever happens this season, those are two of as good a kids as we've ever brought in. If we keep bringing those kinds of kids in here, I can stay here a long time as a head coach. Because that's as good as it gets."
Berryman, Brant fab freshmen for Cyclones
Ames Tribune

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