Iowa State vs. Iowa Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State players and coaches following Saturday afternoon's 41-20 loss to Ohio. The setback was the Cyclones' first against their rival since 1997.

Dan McCarney:

"Congratulations to Kirk Ferentz, his staff and his team. They played good football today, were more physical and made more plays. They were an excellent football team and are very deserving of their ranking they have right now."

"I feel bad about our defense. Holding a team to 243 yards usually doesn't compute to 40 points. But we had two turnovers and two blocked punts, and that really made a big difference in the game. But we didn't force as many turnovers as we needed and protect the ball as well as we needed. Iowa's just a better football team."

"This is an important game for us, too. We've got a lot of season and a lot of games left, but it's important. We tried to win the football game and didn't do it. Iowa was just the better team today."

"We've got an open week and hopefully he'll have a chance to be back for the next game. The punter had nothing to do with the protection problems or the snaps. Eric Schmitz snapped 14 games last year and never snapped the ball high, but he did twice today. It makes it hard for a punter when you have to handle a high snap and pull it down to punt it. We've got to get those things fixed and do a better job of coaching it."

"We've got a chance to get some guys back hopefully by the next game – Matt Robertson, Tony Yelk possibly, Bob Montgomery we don't know about yet, Johnny Smith and Henry Poullard. But that had nothing to do with our punt team today. It had something to do with kickoffs and Tony Yelk not punting, because he's got one of the strongest legs around. But that's no excuse for losing this game."

"He's just a real fine player. We miss him dearly and hopefully he'll get back before too long. I think he's got a realistic chance to be ready for the Big 12 season. Whether or not he'll be back for Northern Illinois, I don't know. He's our best offensive lineman. When he gets back, we'll be better in the offensive line."

"I've got to watch the tape (on Austin Flynn). It was hot and cold, good and bad. We'll sit down and be very exact with our evaluations. We're not throwing anybody under the bus or deserting anyone. We've got to do a better job of coaching, teaching and playing when you play a game like that."

"This team has a lot of character. Everyone will shoulder responsibility, starting with me. If the team handles it well, we have a chance to come back and have a good year."

"Absolutely, but we knew it was going to be hard finding yards running against Iowa's defense. They're excellent and very physical up front. That's why they're ranked real high from a defensive standpoint. I'd like to think that's one of the better defenses we're going to see this year. Their defense played real well today."

"That wasn't the throw we wanted (to end the first half), and we've got to do a better job of teaching and coaching it. That's not what we wanted. We were out of timeouts and knew that. We worked our situations often, but have to get points on the board. We wanted that chance to at least kick a field goal."

"I thought they played really hard and we do have a good defense here. We had two or three breakdowns – the one time (Nathan) Chandler got out on the bootleg running. Late in the game we had a misfit where one of our linebackers didn't fit where he needed to. But credit them, they made the plays and did the job.

"Overall, when you have to keep going out on the field after two blocked punts and a few turnovers, that can really tear you up inside defensively. I thought our kids really fought and hung in there trying to play."

"They were well coached, played with a lot of emotion, played tough and hard. I've never sensed that they didn't want to win the game the last few years. They really were the better football team than we were today. There was no fluke to that game."

"We really wanted to win this game. I'm sorry for the kids. They put a lot into this and wanted to win the game. Everybody in our program is sick to their stomachs. They don't like losing. If I find one coach or one player that accepts what happens today, and everything is cool and fine, then we've got a problem on this team. I don't think that will happen. Everybody will be sick for a while, but we'll evaluate, critique, make decisions and move onto the next one. I will not let this team get divided."

"It's an advantage when you get somebody backed up and they don't have much room. But there were too many times where we didn't execute, regardless of where we took the field. The special teams and kicking game really impacted the football game."

JaMaine Billups:

"It's pretty sad. We worked too hard to let that game go. We let down the past five years of seniors and classes. It's a pretty sad atmosphere. It was a big game, but we've got to keep moving forward. We've got a long season ahead. We're not going to look back. We want to keep going forward. It's in the past now."

Jason Berryman:

"We were two hard working teams that came out and played hard. We stepped up on defense, but their offense got to score a couple times. I guess some mental mistakes overcame us. We knew that the determiner in the game would be the defense, and it so happens that their's was more ready."

Austin Flynn:

"It was poor execution by me. I should have thrown that ball away and learned from it happening in the first game. That's my fault and probably hurt us a little with momentum. We didn't get any points out of it."

"There were a lot ups and downs, and maybe a few more downs than I should have had, especially on the two turnovers. It's unfortunate and inexcusable. Some series we were getting into a rhythm and others we weren't. There were a lot of ups and downs, but credit their defense. They caught us off guard. They backed off when we thought they were going to blitz. The coaches had a good gameplan."

Aaron Brant:

"That's the biggest hurt right now, seeing that whole team come over right at you, grabbing that and taking it away. That's going to live with me forever, and now it's going to be another 12 months before we get a chance to get that back over here. When we do, we've got to take advantage and get it back."

Ellis Hobbs:

"We need to improve all around. There were plenty of things wrong on offense, defense and special teams. The measure of a champion is how you can overcome being knocked down. You can either sit there and lay down for the ten count or you can get back up fighting. I believe we're going to come back swinging."

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