Dan McCarney Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney spoke to the Big 12 media Monday via teleconference, looking ahead to a bye week that followed a 40-21 loss to instate rival Iowa Saturday.

Opening comments:

"We're clearly very disappointed with our loss to Iowa. They were definitely the better team and very deserving. They're ranked 14th in the country today and are an outstanding football team. We had a great crowd and great atmosphere here. Iowa was definitely a better team and sure has our congratulations for the job they did.

"We have an open week to address problems and weaknesses, which there were plenty of those on Saturday. We need to get as healthy as we can. Hopefully over the next 12 days, between now and when we line up and play Northern Iowa, we can get a few guys back that have been injured. Then we'd like to continue evaluating every player on this team. We'll use that week for a lot of things. It comes at a great time. We need it to keep improving in the program."

On positive areas of game Saturday:

"We didn't have an MVP on offense or special teams. I'm not going to fabricate awards just to name somebody. There wasn't anybody that played that caliber of football. Defensively, Ellis Hobbs was outstanding as he has been in each of the first three games we've played. He was our MVP on defense.

"Defensively, we did a lot of good things. We held them to 243 yards of total offense and I think they were 2-of-13 on third down. Fred Russell, one of the best backs in America, got 75 yards on 26 carries. They only had 10 first downs. They took the field on the four-yard line and we held them to a field goal, they took the field on the six-yard line and we held them to a field goal, they took the field on the 33-yard line and we held them to a field goal. Those were positives.

"Offensively, our running game was non-existent. Our leading rusher was our quarterback (Austin Flynn). That was really poor. But we did do some good things in the throwing game. We ended up throwing for 320 yards in the game. If Austin continues his improvement as a freshman, he'll get better as each game progresses."

On Northern Illinois' Michael Turner vs. Fred Russell:

"Turner is a legitimate Heisman candidate over at Northern Illinois, and is an outstanding running back. It's hard to say that one of those backs is better than the other. Those are clearly two of the best running backs in college football. Statistics, performance and consistency bear that out over the last couple seasons. Turner is off to a great start this year. He's got it all – strength, power, speed, elusiveness, is a tremendous blocker and has excellent hands."

On playing Cris Love over Waye Terry in fourth quarter:

"We brought him in late in the game. His strength is throwing the football, and at that stage that's what we wanted to do. The battle will continue between our other quarterbacks behind Austin Flynn. Waye Terry and Cris Love will have a battle to see who the backup is."

On Tony Yelk and Bob Montgomery's status:

"It's day to day. We've got six or seven guys out. I think we've got a good chance to get Johnny Smith, Matt Bockes and Matt Robertson back. Then with Yelk and Montgomery, two of the best players in this program, it's going to be day to day. It's going to be day to day. We're going to get X-Rays again on Bobby Montgomery tomorrow and will get an update there. There's no surgery with Tony. He tweaked his knee in a non-contact injury. We missed him dearly in the game Saturday and hope he has a chance to make it back Saturday."

On rash of injuries this fall compared to recent past:

"I hope this thing will end. We had a pretty good Saturday, other than Andy Kohler. He's getting an MRI today and there's a possibility he may have a serious knee injury. We hope not, because he's a real valuable special teams player. We're hoping this will stop pretty soon. We know it's part of the game. But with or without all our players, I think Iowa was clearly the better team Saturday."

On offensive line's status:

"The best thing that could help our offensive line is as soon as Bob Montgomery gets back. He's the best offensive lineman we have and the day he gets back, we're immediately a lot better. But we can't count on that. He may not be ready yet for the next game. We need to continue bringing the other guys along. We were dominated in the trenches when it came to run blocking and (Iowa's) run defense."

On plan for bye week:

"You've got to get some rest with some of your players. With anybody that's had minor injuries or major injuries, it's time to rest, rehab and hopefully get back stronger than they've been. Then it's continuing to develop your football team. We have lots of problems coming out of Saturday's game that we've got to get fixed. That's coaching.

"We'll keep it very similar to the past where they will get some rest. We'll still be practicing a number of days this week and we'll get a lot done. We're going to work a lot against each other and get started on Northern Illinois. We need to really improve on our fundamentals coming out of Saturday's game."

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