Guibunda Anxious For Ames Trip

One of Iowa State's top recruiting targets on the hardwood has only played basketball for five years, with four of those being in Connecticut and Philadelphia. So when two members of the Cyclone coaching staff made an in-home visit Monday night, Cornelio Guibunda, a native of Mozambique, Africa, listened intently.

Head coach Wayne Morgan and assistant Fred Quartlebaum visited the 6-foot-8, 210-pounder from King & Low-Heywood Thomas School in Stamford, Conn., and made enough of an impression on Guibunda to get an official visit.

"They were in my house and spoke a little bit about Iowa State," said Cornelio Guibunda. "Before then, I didn't know a lot about the school, but they introduced it well. I know a little bit about it now. My goal is to take the ACT next weekend, and after I get done with that I will schedule them to come visit.

"(Morgan and Quartlebaum) seem to be nice guys and care about the players. That's not just for basketball, but even for life and after basketball. That impressed me."

Guibunda will most likely visit in late October. And when he does, he'll be looking at a lot more than what he can gain on the playing court.

"I've heard that it's a great school," he said. "They have a good team. Right now I would like to go there and see it by myself and see what the environment is like, not just in basketball but with the school in general."

Guibunda has already visited Virginia (Sept. 13) and Miami (Sept. 20), and said he plans to make an official trip to Georgetown this weekend. Richmond and Boston College are also believed to be in the running.

While ISU is not considered one of his top two right now, Guibunda says that's mostly because he hasn't seen Ames yet.

"So far I have two favorites, Miami and Virginia, because I was there and I loved it," Guibunda said. "I am looking forward to visiting Georgetown and Iowa State."

Guibunda's recruiting has taken on a rapid pace of late, as he spent a month out of his summer in Mozambique visiting relatives for the first time in a while. That trip came on the heels of a successful AAU campaign.

"I had the chance to see my family," he said. "It had been two years since I had seen them, so it was nice to visit."

The three-star power forward by The Insiders describes himself as a player that loves to run the court and block shots, but he's also proven himself as a prolific scorer and rebounder.

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