Media Roundtable: Oklahoma

To nobody's surprise, our media panel isn't very optimistic that Iowa State can shock the college football world and upset the top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

Larry Cotlar, KXNO Radio in Des Moines

While I believe that the Cyclones will put forth a great effort against the top-ranked team in the land, the sad truth is that Iowa State just can't match up with Oklahoma's speed on both offense and defense. Much has been made of Jason White's effective running of the Sooner offense and Antonio Perkins' punt return excellence (an NCAA-record three returned for scores vs. UCLA). But always remember that the strength of Bob Stoops' team is its dominating defense, which will be a difficult nut to crack for an Iowa State offense that struggles to run the football. If Austin Flynn again is called on to carry the load, it is likely to be a long afternoon for the redshirt freshman. As much as I'd love to see Iowa State spring a big upset here, my head tells me that Oklahoma will control this game and win by a sizeable margin; something like 42-17. But I sure hope I'm wrong.

Steve Deace, KXNO Radio in Des Moines & CN publisher:

Without Jordan Carstens this weekend, the Cyclones are looking at starting true freshman Jason Berryman, sophomore Nick Leaders, true freshman Brent Curvey, and redshirt sophomore Cephus Johnson on the defensive line. With the injury to Hiawatha Rutland, the Cyclones could go with an all-redshirt freshmen offensive backfield at times. As Lee Corso says on ESPN Gameday: "Yo!" The Sooners will be a little flat coming off a bye week and they'll be looking ahead to next week's annual drubbing of Texas. That's the only reason the talented but too beat up and young Cyclones will be able to hang in there for a half. In the second half reality sets in and No. 1 Oklahoma rolls to a 38-13 victory.

Ron Maly, retired award-winning sports writer:

I've witnessed many Iowa State-Oklahoma football games over the years, and the Cyclones won only one of them. That was 13 years ago. Since then, I've been wondering how long I'd have to wait to see Iowa State win again in the series. Alas, it's not going to happen Saturday. Bob Stoops has far too many offensive and defensive tools to let his Sooners get upset at Jack Trice Stadium. When a guy has the national championship in his sights, he's not going to lose in Ames. Oklahoma in a cakewalk, 42-14.

Keith Murphy, TV-13 WHO in Des Moines

I think Oklahoma deserves to be ranked number one and I think Iowa State deserves a better hand than they have been dealt, though they have too many injuries and not enough experience to compete with the Sooners in my opinion. The top-ranked Sooners may be looking ahead to Texas, while The Cyclones character and sheer will of Dan McCarney will not let be embarrassed again by this team, no matter how tilted the talent disparity may be in OU's favor. Therefore, I see a comfortable win by the Sooners but not a huge blowout. Oklahoma 28, Iowa State 10.

B.J. Schaben, KASI Radio in Ames

This game has the makings of "Box Office Bust." Iowa State bruised and injured against the Jolly Crimson and Cream Giant in Oklahoma. The Sooners have knocked their opponents out early outscoring them 102-13 in the first half. IF the Cyclones don't dance on eggshells and get smacked in the mouth, they'll HANG with the Bully of the Big 12. Then move over Buster Douglas, there will be a new upset special! I believe that could happen, but not this weekend. Oklahoma 20, Iowa State 13.





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