Iowa State vs. Oklahoma Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney following his team's 56-7 loss to Oklahoma. The setback was the Cyclones' third consecutive loss to a ranked team.

Dan McCarney:

"Oklahoma's an outstanding football team. We didn't see any weaknesses going into the game and sure didn't see any today. I thought our kids fought hard, but they made a lot more plays than we did. They're a very fast, athletic football team, and the quarterback is outstanding. I looked up there many times in that game and we're out there with a lot of freshmen, and that's hard when you're matching up against the number one team in the country."

"There are not a lot of things you can build on. It's good to score on defense finally. We'll correct, critique, evaluate and put this one behind us as fast as we can. We won't burn the tapes. We'll take care of the mistakes we made and move onto the next one."

(Flynn is OK; had bruised knee…Berryman is not serious but missed most of the game…Vander Sanden has knee injury that has chance to be most serious; will have MRI on Monday…Carstens has chance to be back next week)

"We're getting shorthanded right now and will coach the heck out of the kids that are available and try to move on. We'll face one of the hottest offensive teams in the country this week down in Lubbock."

"We're trying to get Austin as much experience. He's only playing in his fifth college game. He needs experience. We were trying to get something in the second half to build on with the football team. It was really getting out there and we were trying to get something. We had a chance to make some plays and maybe go down and put some points on the board."

"I'm anxious to see the tape on that, because we practiced it, called it, executed it and thought it was completely legal. It was ruled that we didn't have six on the line of scrimmage. We really had some momentum and good things going. The kids came to play and win. We ended up having to punt and would have had the first down. That was a big play."

"Oklahoma had a lot to do with it with their speed. Even if you have even numbers or might outnumber them by one from a blocking scheme standpoint, they recover so fast. If they're out of position or it appears like you might have an edge to run the ball or get outside of them, they'll run, recover and get to the ball as good as I've seen."

"They came up with some really big plays. When we felt like we had a chance, there were some things going and we hit the halfback pass – we just didn't finish the drives. There were times in the game when we felt like we were hanging in, especially in the first half. It didn't feel like it should have been 22-0 in the first half. It felt like we were playing them tough."

"I don't know if we laid a hand on him all night. We tried some blitzes, zone, rush three and drop eight, but his accuracy was fantastic. He played like a Heisman candidate out there tonight at our expense. I've got to believe he's very much in the running through the first five weeks."

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