McCarney Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney spoke to the Big 12 media Monday via teleconference, looking ahead to his team's clash with high-flying Texas Tech, which comes off an impressive showing against Texas A&M.

Opening comments:

"We lost to a sensational Oklahoma team here Saturday night, and there's no doubt they are very deserving of a number one ranking based on what we saw. They've got it all. They're so athletic, physical, run a great system and have playmakers all over the place. Bobby Stoops is doing a great job with that team."

"We don't get any rest going down to Texas Tech, which is just an amazing offensive football team right now. They're improving defensively, but offensively they're blowing it off the charts right now. They're number one in the country right now in scoring offense, pass offense, scoring offense and pass efficiency. They've only had 12 punts in five games, which is almost unheard of. When you can put up 59 points on a tradition-rich defensive program like Texas A&M, that's really unbelievable."

On defending Texas Tech:

"We're going through those tapes and started yesterday, and you're seeing just about everything from a defensive scheme standpoint trying to slow them down. Nobody is stopping them, but just to slow them down and give your team a chance to win. Probably North Carolina State did the best job of that, but they still put up all kinds of yards in that game.

"B.J. Symons is just unconscious right now with the way he's playing, with 24 touchdowns in five games. I don't know if I've ever heard of anything like that. He only has four interceptions. The receivers are just outstanding. We've really got our work cut out for us defensively.

"I haven't seen anybody yet stop them or slow them down. They're hitting on all cylinders and have great receivers. We saw a great group of receivers here Saturday night with Oklahoma's receivers and this group appears to be every bit as good as what we saw Saturday night."

Updating injuries:

"I think Jason Berryman is going to be fine. He went out on the first series and never returned. His absence hurt us. With Jordan Carstens, it'll still be day to day. He obviously has a better chance to get back into the lineup this week than last week.

"We'll continue to watch the other ones. Austin Flynn will be fine. We'll get James Wright back this week. Luke Vander Sanden will have an MRI today and we'll know more on his situation."

On Big 12 as quarterback league:

"It sure seems like it right now. Week after week, it seems to be loaded. There sure are some fine running backs in this league right now. We're still just a couple games into the Big 12 season, but so far going into this thing, it looks like this is the best collection this league has had since its inception.

"They're all well coached and come out of some fantastic programs. But can you imagine a quarterback with 24 touchdowns in five games? It's just unbelievable what B.J. Symons is doing right now. His arm strength might be even better than Kliff Kingsbury's, watching him on tape. We're going to really have our hands full this Saturday night."

On success against Tech last fall:

"We did do some things at times to slow them down last year. We sure didn't stop them, but we made enough plays to give our offense a chance to get points on the board and eventually win the game. That was a really outstanding Texas Tech football team that we beat here last year, and they went on to have a real good season. From everything that I've seen so far, they look to be better than they were at any time last year."

"We can't stop them and need to try and slow some things down, always strive for some turnovers and be good tacklers. Their receivers are getting lots of yards after contact, and their quarterback is playing at a level that I don't know that I've seen in a long time. It's going to take a great team effort by our defense."

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