Curtis Stinson Q&A

As the Iowa State men's basketball team prepares for the start of practice under first-year head coach Wayne Morgan, CN caught up with freshman combo guard Curtis Stinson for a Q&A.

CN: How is your freshman year going so far and how have you adapted to individual workouts?

Stinson: It's great. I love playing at Iowa State. I'm going to be here for four years and have to work hard at it. Everything is competitive. Everybody is tough. They don't let you get away with anything, especially Jake Sullivan. He's all over me, plays great defense against me and I can barely move. He's showing me the ropes of the Big 12. It isn't going to do anything but help me get better.

CN: What do you think of the new coaching staff?

Stinson: The coaches relate well to what we're about and where we're from. The coaches get out there and help us, and run up and down the court. They act just like us, are out there doing drills just like we are, and showing us how it's done. The staff is great here. They treat you fairly, tell you the truth and are straight up with you on what has to be done.

CN: What's a realistic goal for you and Will Blalock this season?

Stinson: We're just trying to come in and help this team win a Big 12 Championship and make the NCAA Tournament. The other guys are working so hard at it. We're all trying to help these seniors get a Big 12 Championship, because that's the most important thing.

CN: You both also go back to your days of playing against each other in prep school

Stinson: Yeah, we played against each other two years but now we're together. We always talk about that. We're trying to get somewhere together once we leave here…maybe one of us makes it to the pros or overseas.

CN: Being a New York City guard, do you bring a certain toughness to this team?

Stinson: I bring a lot of toughness, because it's all physical ball out there. There are a lot of good point guards, shooting guards and small forwards out there, so I learn from the best. I'm coming in here trying to bring toughness to this team and play my role to help us win.

CN: After what Jamaal Tinsley, a New York City phenom, achieved here, what's it like to be the next guard from that city coming in?

Stinson: Those are some big shoes to fill. He's a good player, but I'll try to be just as good as he is. That's why I came to Iowa State.

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