Will Blalock Q&A

As the Iowa State men's basketball team prepares for the start of practice under first-year head coach Wayne Morgan, CN caught up with freshman combo guard Curtis Stinson for a Q&A.

CN: How is your freshman year going so far and how have you adapted to individual workouts?

Blalock: It's going great right now. We do everything team-oriented. We lift together, play together and play real hard getting ready for the season.

CN: Iowa State has the chance to be pretty solid in the backcourt this year.

Blalock: It's looking real nice, with Curtis and I coming in. Then you already have Marcus and Jake already here, and they're real good shooters.

CN: What areas have Sullivan helped you the most in?

Blalock: He has helped me on my shooting and a lot with my pivot. He helps us pivot with the right foot. In the game stuff, he's shown us to be physical guards.

CN: What expectations do you have for yourself this season?

Blalock: They've still got Tim, so I'm just trying to contribute some quickness and be a leader when I'm on the court. Curtis and I are going to have to play a lot of big minutes early and play real hard. We won't be able to play like normal freshmen.

CN: Being from the Boston area, have you developed some toughness over the years?

Blalock: Growing up in the city, everybody plays tough. It's what I've been doing anyway. Curtis and I are both city kids that are going to play tough.

CN: What is the difference between the coaching staff that recruited you and the one you're playing for?

Blalock: It isn't really a big difference, because Coach Morgan was the one that recruited me and was one of the main reasons for coming here anyway. I got recruited by (Coach Quartlebaum) when he was at North Carolina, so I had a relationship with him prior to coming here. It made my decision (to stay with my decision) once Coach Morgan got the job. It's working out real well. I like all of the new coaches.

CN: Coming from the prep school ranks, how has that prepared you for Division I ball?

Blalock: You play against all of the top kids that are going to the top schools. It's just like college, in that all of those kids are going to be incoming freshmen and will now be proving themselves like me. It's a lot tougher competition.

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